Entrails Eradicated - Viralocity

Prepare to die fast with Entrails Eradicated – Viralocity

This is by far sickest release I’ve heard this year, though it was released in 2010. This is one big arpeggio masturbation with crunchy, brutal – two way – vocals that any grindcore band would be proud of. Rhythm and speed fiend with lot of blasting and stop&go play. You will find some heavy breakdown or two but this is not a ‘core music by any means. It is heavy, cruel and will try to kill You! Must be prepared for this amount of intensity. You must speak to Your brain directly and warn him… there is a storm coming! It’s like Visceral Bleeding mixed with Necrophagist with some addition of Avulsed brutality. Sick EP – I want more! Check the video below!

Viralocity (2010) EP

Australia, Self-released, Technical Death Metal

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One thought on “Prepare to die fast with Entrails Eradicated – Viralocity”

  1. Great post; I’ve been on a discovery binge for a little while now, but this band is easily one of the top five I’ve become aware of. I hear bits of Origin, bits of Visceral Bleeding (like you mentioned) but I don’t hear anything unoriginal. These guys have taken the best of the established classics and created something that’s entirely their own. I look forward to hearing much more from them in the future.

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