Review: Hedonistic Exility – Deevolutional Stasis

Deevolutional Stasis (2010)

Ukraine, Eclectic Production, Technical Brutal Death Metal w/ parasitic Deathcore intrusions.

I rarely have any kind words for Beneath The Massacre. As I mentioned in my review of ‘Dystopia’ their work is the equivalent of a perpetual stereotype of technical death metal; perfect hater fuel. Initially, when many metalheads made the comparison between Hedonistic Exility and Beneath The Massacre, I stayed as far away as I possibly could. Only recently after diving head first into the Russian Death Metal scene and it’s incorporated regions did I give Hedonistic Exility the time of day. Let me start off by saying that I was completely and utterly wrong in snubbing this band. Thinking in patterns and associations has plenty of benefits, but sometimes a release of the highest quality will slip right through my fingertips because of some loose lipped association with a band I can’t stand.

To set the record straight, Hedonistic Exility is not Beneath The Massacre II. If anything, the crudest comparison between the two bands that can be made accurately is that Hedonistic Exility takes everything that Beneath The Massacre flubs and does it correctly. Instead of thinking they’re intense and technical, these Ukranian madmen seize every opportunity imaginable to demonstrate it. This EP outdoes a good deal of modern tech-death bands (looking at you Allegaeon and Arsis) simply because the music is light years beyond what most bands think of. Tsladimer (the drummer) is beyond cyborg. The man is capable of blast beats that can give even the most rabid tech-death lovers pause while also displaying the perfect amount of discipline and restraint. The guitar work is beautifully destructive. Chaotically gorgeous. It has the raw energy to make anyone and everyone start moshing but the depth and grace to be transcendent. Only further proof that every member of this band is outstanding.

On top of the mind erasing brutality and technicality, certain sections of the music pay homage to turkish and egyptian music. Although seemingly disparate, all of the elements in this music come together with a sense of cohesion that even classic outfits should take a look at, if only to recognize one of their own in the making.

In fact, the only visible flaw on this release is the deathcore intrusion. My favorite song on the EP (Ashtar) embodies everything I’ve praised about this band and then some. The growls and screams work perfectly…that is until about the 2:09 mark when pig squeals must once again latch onto something brilliant for hindrance’s sake. I’m of the mindset that pig squeals should be reserved primarily for garbage like Waking The Cadaver or in the very rarest case, Slaughterbox. A band of this magnitude, especially on a first release, has no business using pig squeals. Instead of being an instant classic (which is inevitable for this band, don’t get me wrong) the deathcore parasite has managed to subtract one whole point from my total score. It hurts to say, especially considering that beyond the occassional ‘bree bree’ this band is absolutely worth your time and money. I can’t stress that enough.

In the end, Hedonistic Exility have created something magnificent with only one glaring downside. The amount of talent that this young group possesses is extraordinary. I see a very bright future in store for them, especially considering that their latest single ‘PsychoTransNymphomania’ is free of any pig squeals or other deathcore garbage. If Hedonistic Exility release an entire album of ‘PsychoTransNymphomania’s caliber, there’s no conceivable way that they can be stopped. Bottom line, this band deserves your attention. Look them up on Youtube, check out their band page on Myspace, buy this EP and by all means, spread the word. Much like Australia’s Entrails Eradicated, the only place to go for these gifted musicians is up. Consider me stoked.

Rating: 9/10
Author: Goshuggist

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