Beneath The Massacre - Incongruous

Beneath The Massacre’s Latest Single ‘Left Hand’: Jog on.

Well, well, well; twice in one week I’ve mentioned Beneath The Massacre. Beginning to be a tic.

In any case, while browsing Facebook the latest single from Beneath The Massacre’s soon to be released third LP popped up on ‘Rings Of Saturn’s page. My expectations remained at their trademark level of snark and cynicism before opening a new tab to Youtube. The song started, the music blasted aaaaaand…

It was thoroughly mediocre.

An improvement over their previous work to be sure, but that isn’t saying much. No tech-death band worth their salt revels in being a stereotype for as long as Beneath The Massacre have.

This single cements my contention that deep down inside of Beneath The Massacre is an Origin clone trying to break free. However, like most clones, there is always one prevailing flaw or a multitude of starker flaws. Beneath The Massacre is the latter rather than the former. While Origin have consistently continued to improve, astound and obliterate the competition, Beneath The Massacre have struggled to release ONE thing that can be described as passable. Surprisingly enough, this single in of itself is passable, although I question the ability to remain as such on a full length album.

The drumming is the exact same but the downright atrocious guitar work has certainly been dialed back to a more manageable state at the expense of (surprisingly enough) the barking ‘vocals’. This time around they’re very muffled, which may or may not have contributed to my assessment of ‘thoroughly mediocre’, but as a general rule of thumb that isn’t a good sign. A lot of folks accused Origin of the exact same on ‘Antithesis’ which was just a bunch of bull. Beneath The Massacre (like most clones) have fulfilled what their genuine counterpart was accused of to a tee. In another strange turn of events, I can definitely see  ‘Incongrous’ as the bizarro ‘Antithesis’. Whereas the latter propelled Origin to new heights of intensity and power, ‘Incongrous’ should be Beneath The Massacre’s first mediocre release. About fucking time guys.

Still, disappointment is never far from these gents, so I’ll leave the assessment to you the reader. Am I completely off base? Are you one of the rare individuals who agree? Post a comment below and remember; don’t feel like you have to settle for less. Spawn Of Possession, Psycroptic and Meshuggah are right around the corner. Patience is the difference between wasted money and new classics for your collection.

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