Gnostic - Engineering The Rule

A Technical Death/Thrash Onslaught – Gnostic’s “Engineering the Rule”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a housefly? Buzzing around, changing directions constantly with no loss in momentum – zip, around a corner! Zip, under the table! There! Here! WOAH, someone tried to swat me! Too slow!

This is how I would imagine it would be, anyway. Now, instead imagine that you, as a fly, have the density and momentum of a freight train. A very angry freight train. Covered in broken glass. That is how Engineering the Rule by Gnostic sounds, and I mean all of that in the best way possible.

Its a mile a minute, angst driven riff fest, backed by drummer Steve Flynn (from Atheist). Flynn brings a more straightforward approach to Engineering the Rule, which is much more fist-to-the-face than Atheist.The guitar headbangs like the more aggressive moments of thrash, but techs out with the best technical death, and squeals like the solos of Atheist. The bass noodles and grooves, but maintains a tightness fitting to the thrash attack. The vocals complete the assault – relentlessly angry, I am reminded of the most hostile moments of the early days of The Haunted.  Its technical at all the right times, angry at all the right times, and heavy all the time.

Maybe a house fly is a strange comparison for a technical death metal album, but its the only thing that could make as many pace changes and wild turns as Gnostic.  Engineering the Rule is some quality technical metal that will appeal to the bullet-belted hessians, the prog-death beard strokers, and the windmilling guys in Morbid Angel jackets alike.

Key cut: Album closer “Splinters of Change.”

GNOSTIC – “Engineering The Rule” (2009)
USA, Season Of Mist, Technical Death Metal

Album art taken from their biography page at Season of Mist:

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