Ignominious Incarceration - Of Winter Born

Some Cold Metal for Cold Days: “Of Winter Born” by Ignominious Incarceration

Metal is an extremely seasonal genre of music. In winter the frozen forests of Norwegian black metal reign supreme. In spring the progressive melodies bud with the returning greenery. We trudge though the swampy thickness of sludge in summer, or windmill along in Florida. We contemplate death and mortality in the sorrows of doom during fall. And then we return to winter.

“But when is the season for technical death metal?!” you cry. “All of them!” I say, “You just need the right albums!” Ignominious Incarceration’s Of Winter Born is just one of those coldly calculated technical albums for winter, but adds a steamy cup of melodic flourish to warm you up during the coldest days. Take this one on that long ski trip deep into the mountains.

Kicking off like Necrophagist or Decrepit Birth, the album opens like the thickest of techdeath. However, Of Winter Born packs more than just guitar weedly-deedlies and bass doodly-woodlies. Ignominious Incarceration keep their songs interesting with melody and catchy hooks found in Gothenburg. There are even some of the “Let’s go!” attitude and overtones found in the American metalcore that followed the boom of melodic death metal. All of this sounds like a recipe for the mediocre, watered down metal that was all the rage in 2006. But its not so – the atomic clock drumming, rigid riffs, guitar squeals, and mid to low ranged growls pull all this together into one supremely lethal snowball of stone, ice, gravel – and of course a solid helping of razor sharp steel.

Of Winter Born is an example of the successful side of when bands incorporate small amounts of melody and core. There are no boring, repetitive breakdowns, no overly melodic flowery passages, and certainly no whining about heartbreak. Instead, we have a well blended mix of death metal that is perfect for your trek across frozen vastlands of Scandinavia to conquer your enemies. Or maybe just looking at the street outside your apartment window and say “Nah, its too cold to go outside today.” Its your choice, but either way, this is a great technical death metal pick for winter.

Key cut: “Deeds of Days Long Gone”

United Kingdom, Earache Records, Technical Death Metal

Image taken from the official store of their label, Earache Records: www.earache.com

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