Spawn Of Possession - Incurso

Spawn of Possession strikes. First track from incoming “Incurso” album!

5 long years they kept us waiting for the new album and finally it will be out 13 of march 2012 (Relapse Records). In the meantime, here’s the first track from this album which is called “Where Angels Go Demons Follow”.

Relapse Records comment:

The wait is over. ‘Incurso’, Spawn Of Possession’s Relapse debut and first new record in over five years is a headspinning masterpiece of technically brutal death metal. Featuring current and former members of tech-titans Necrophagist and Obscura, Spawn Of Possession absolutely annihilate with ‘Incurso’. Devastating riffs, jaw-dropping time-signatures and improbably complex and sophisticated songwriting all combine to create an opus of next level death metal. Spawn Of Possession’s ‘Incurso’ is simultaneously fresh and instantly classic, an immediate landmark in the death metal canon.

SPAWN OF POSSESSION – Where Angels Go Demons Follow by RelapseRecords

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