Review: Gallows For Grace - A Process For The Destruction Of Tomorrow

Review: Gallows For Grace – A Process For The Destruction Of Tomorrow

A Process For The Destruction Of Tomorrow (2008)

Australia, Skull And Bones, Technical Death Metal

“Death creates nothing.”
“Your death will create an opportunity.”

Part Psycroptic, part Brain Drill, part Dying Fetus and all face melting, Gallows For Grace were quite the young tech-death outfit. ‘A Process For The Destruction Of Tomorrow’ is the perfect combination of sweeps, slams and even bits of outright melody. From the first song outside of the 35 second intro, I knew I was in for a treat. Much like their countrymen Ouroboros, Gallows For Grace knew exactly how to synthesize the elements of death metal they loved into a cohesive and increasingly unstoppable whole. This EP is nowhere near as technical as Entrails Eradicated, Monumental Torment, Viraemia or Hedonistic Exility, but I doubt that was the intention. At their most technical, Gallows For Grace can be compared to a mellowed out Brain Drill via ‘Apocalyptic Feasting’ if they somehow merged with ‘Scepter Of The Ancients’ era Psycroptic and ‘Destroy The Opposition’ era Dying Fetus. Blake Simpson, the extremely talented vocalist alternates between John Gallagher style gurgles, Sean Beasely style barks and Matt Chalky mid pitched and shrieked vocals. No pig squeals, no inhales, no cheap vocal tricks of any kind. The music is that much better because of it.

The lead guitarist David Wratten is simply astounding. Although a master of the ‘RIFFARPS’ (to borrow a term from Origin) Mr. Wratten displays an amount of versatility that is both refreshing and entirely warranted. Within the course of one song, he can go from the Dylan Ruskin ‘shred like there’s no tomorrow’ technique to beautiful sections that remind me of the criminally underrated Australian tech-death outfit Mephistopheles. Fellow guitarist Lynton Cessford balances the atmosphere with riffs more akin to the mid pitched licks of Misery Index. Josh Wasley rounds off the stringed equilibrium on bass while Chris Hancock blasts his heart out on drums. By the end of this EP, I knew I had discovered a band worth keeping my eyes on. It was only after bookmarking them on Facebook that I learned they are no longer together. I soon discovered the newest band that formed in the ashes of Gallows For Grace called LaserBrain. I was not impressed.

Throughout this review, I’ve made countless comparisons to other tech-death bands, but my intention in doing so is not to suggest that Gallows For Grace was a rip off of these groups. Far from it. Despite the influences I hear in their music, Gallows For Grace has done nothing unoriginal here. Like true masters of their craft, they were inspired by the best to create their own contribution to this ever burgeoning art form. They absolutely succeeded in that endeavor. My only hope is that one day Gallows For Grace can return, to continue what was sure to be an amazing career of notable contributions from down under. As it stands, this EP is as great a debut as I would expect from a fantastic group like Gallows For Grace. Well done good sirs.

Rating: 9/10
Author: Goshuggist

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