Review: Mindly Rotten - Proliferation Of Disaster

Review: Mindly Rotten – Proliferation Of Disaster

Proliferation Of Disaster (2011)

Colombia, Coyote Records, Technical Brutal Death Metal


That was the most I could muster after listening to Mindly Rotten’s ‘Proliferation Of Disaster’ in its entirety. I’d known of several Colombian Death Metal outfits before stumbling across Mindly Rotten, (Internal Suffering and Ancient Necropsy being the two most prominent) but no predecessors could give me an indication of what was in store for me with this release. I can now say with the utmost confidence that Mindly Rotten renders Deeds Of Flesh jump roping, hopscotching little girls. They make Cattle Decapitation sound like a bunch of month old kittens. This release has singlehandedly raised the bar for unparalleled brutality, all while writing some of the most technically dazzling and innovative brutal death metal of the past seven years AT LEAST.

Across ten tracks and nearly 28 minutes, whatever standard of harshness you use for Death Metal will be systematically raped, skinned and dumped into a landfill. This is the very coarsest music for those with the very finest palettes for Death Metal.  No one will be initiated into Death Metal with Mindly Rotten, but for everyone else, I cannot recommend this release strongly enough. Modern classic may even be an underestimation of the quality demonstrated here. I would feel safe pitting this release against any established or timeless classics in the technical or brutal genres of Death Metal knowing that even if ‘Proliferation Of Disaster’ didn’t win the battle, it would put up one of the best fights a modern album ever could.

Normally, when I think of the best frontmen in all of Death Metal my mind goes to three distinct places; Antti Boman of Demilich, Phelegton of Wormed and Lord Worm from Cryptopsy’s Golden Era. Seth Siro Anton of Septic Flesh and Andrés Mauricio Gallon of Mindly Rotten make the best case for expanding that list to five, especially Andrés Mauricio Gallon. Between his top tier guitar playing and his monstrous growl, his presence in this music can be compared to being hunted by a creature of folklore in the South American jungle, a bloodthirsty flesh loving abomination that makes its prey suffer before and after consumption. It’s this quality of his already legendary performance that propels him to the level of the unfathomable alien creature presence Phelegton gives off, the leader of the damned quality Lord Worm perfected or the absolute hellishness of Antti Boman’s growls. Not to imply that every other member of this three piece wonder isn’t integral and timeless in their own sense; Carlos Mario Fisgativa lays out some of the best bass work I’ve heard from an outfit of this brutality period, full stop. He’s easily the Jeff Hughell of the Colombian Death Metal scene. Juan Carlos Artehaga’s drumming demonstrates EXACTLY what I mean when I speak of finesse, discipline and sheer power with drummers. Along with the unrelenting assault, there are moments where his playing slows down without losing an ounce of talent. His distinctive snare sound also creates an element of rawness in the otherwise sleek production that compounds the earth shattering force on display here.

In all of the time I spent with my jaw on the floor or my brain in absolute disarray listening to this album, I could not find a noteworthy or even minor flaw in any of the proceedings. I haven’t been blown away by a band like this in a long time. Even though this release is from 2011, I would argue its quality is on par with ‘None So Vile’, ‘The Erosion Of Sanity’ and ‘Pierced From Within’. Mindly Rotten have cemented themselves as Death Metal Gods with this release and I would argue time and time again that if only one band was fit to bear the title of ‘Technical Brutal Death Metal’, Mindly Rotten would be them.

My only regret with this release is discovering it much too late to include it on my Top 10 of 2011. ‘The Great Mass’ is *still* a masterful work, but now with ‘Proliferation Of Disaster’ in my sights, the #1 slot is a hell of a lot more contentious. Hail Mindly Rotten! \m/

Rating: 10/10
Author: Goshuggist

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