Omnihility - These Fellas Sure Love Origin!

Omnihility – these fellas sure love Origin!

The Metal Archives is a very hit and miss website; what they do extremely well in publicizing unknown bands and creating a wonderful database of new outfits to discover they ruin with reactionary elitists and close minded trolls. Regardless, while looking for new bands to review and/or enjoy, I stumbled across this Eugene, Oregon based group called Omnihility.

“Sounds quite brutal,” I surmised from the name of the group.

“They’d have to be with a name meaning ‘Absolute belief in nothingness’.”

A quick Youtube search brought up none of their material save for grainy live footage. It was on Reverbnation that I finally got a taste of Omnihility’s material. As I put on the song ‘Abcess Of Oblivion’, I had a sudden, unmistakable feeling that I knew couldn’t be true. After the song played in its entirety, I played ‘Biogenesis’ and ‘Unsummoned’ in an attempt to quell the feeling, but it only continued to grow. After listening to all of the material they had put up, I was forced to acknowledge my initial feeling was correct.

I was listening to ‘Echoes Of Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas’.

It was rather shocking to come out and say it, but everything pointed to that exact conclusion; the mix was essentially the same as both albums, the vocalist may as well be James Lee’s clone and the overall feel of Origin was recreated to such a degree that the most shocking part ended up being that it WASN’T Origin.

Omnihility have done the unthinkable; they’ve managed to transcend clone status, instead becoming the closest any band has been to being the second coming of Origin. Every key characteristic of Origin’s early material, from ‘Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas’ through ‘Echoes Of Decimation’ has been processed, assimilated and recreated to a point of surprising originality by Omnihility. It’s safe to think of Omnihility as the Deeds Of Flesh to Origin’s Suffocation. Deeds Of Flesh should, for all intents and purposes *be* Suffocation or at the very least the most noteworthy clone, but through some indescribable turn of events, they are their own group, yet fully able and (probably) willing to step in for Suffocation should they falter. Omnihility is the mirror image of early Origin, without fully *being* Origin. Weird, wild stuff.

For the sake of experimentation, try playing Omnihility’s ‘Voracious Conception’ next to Origin’s ‘Perversion Of Hate’.  It IS different, but the similarities are overwhelming.

As a die hard Origin fan, Omnihility is a strange case; I love their material but I constantly have to kick myself in order to remember it’s not an EP put out between 2003 and 2004. When Omnihility’s first full length ‘Biogenesis’ is released, I want to be one of the first to hear it. It would definitely be a point of pride to say that Origin resides both in my neck of the woods (the northwest) as well as Topeka, Kansas.

Below are Omnihility’s Reverbnation profile as well as a video of their guitarist playing a song to be featured on their first LP. I know we have at least one other die hard Origin fan here at, so I’d be interested to hear what he and any prospective readers have to say about Omnihility. Are they indeed the second coming of Origin or just a cheap knock off? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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