Scrambled Defuncts - Hackled In Gore

Russian swarm in and out – Scrambled Defuncts

The CD starts with long and disturbing intro serving us some tool work around human (child) body, terryfing narration, eerie sound and finally – atmospheric music. Then we’re being slapped in the face by the exquisite guitar work. They’re like narrow path of consciousness – slamming technical death metal directly into Your brain. You take no damage when You obey they rules. The solos are big thing to mention on “Hackled In Gore”. Sometimes very Death alike and sometimes progressive to the core. Either way, they’re surely a blast in the eyes. Scrambled Defuncts cultivate the idea of grindcore bands about intros / outros being served all the way down through the 51 minutes. It should make them more “gore” or “brutal” but it doesn’t. It’s a nice addition but thats all. Drumming is worth mentioning as well. It’s very strict, precise and extreme above all. Like roaming in the thick fog. Makes You helpless and fearful. Russians did a great job with this album. It’s like Suffocation met old Atheist… power music for the technical people. I recommend!

Scrambled Defuncts – Hackled In Gore (2005)
Russia, Monsters Corp., Brutal Technical Death Metal

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