Recipient13 - ISIS (ep)

New blood spreads his wings – Recipient13

I must warn You in the beginning. This is technical deathcore stuff. They proved themselves worthy of listening because of not overdosed ‘core matter. They’re used the equipment very wisely with a nice touch of progressive part (“This Time” for example). Beside this, Recipient13 tries to go beyond this modern genre. Guitars can be disturbingly arrhythmic but it gives them some kind of new look. I’ve ran into this band randomly on Youtube and must admit it’s a well done start into scene. The weakest element are the vocals since they’re try to be more emotive than they really are (sounding flat at the same time). The other bad thing is the lenght of this EP – only 7.38 minutes not giving us the proper amount of data to rate band’s possibilities for the future releases.

The good thing that this “ISIS” EP is completely free for download on Recipient13 official website: LINK

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