Review: Defeated Sanity - Chapters Of Repugnance

Review: Defeated Sanity – Chapters Of Repugnance

Chapters Of Repugnance (2010)

Germany, Willowtip Records, Brutal Technical Death Metal. 

More often than not, describing something as hideous is a way of conveying disparaging disapproval. In the case of Defeated Sanity’s ‘Chapters Of Repugnance’ however, I not only contend that hideous is the only accurate description of this madness but I also maintain that in totally and utterly embracing hideousness, these Germans have simultaneously embraced brilliance. The sensation of listening to this album in one sitting is equivalent to being assimilated into a volcanic structure comprised entirely of the entrails, bones and souls of former human beings. As your consciousness, physical form and humanity are twisted and broken to expand this sentient force of destruction, your screams of anguish are the only solace you can take in your last tormented moments of living as an individual. This album is that dark, brutal and fantastic.

Indeed, properly expressing the assault of Brutal Death Metal that ‘Chapters Of Repugnance’ has in store without sampling a song (hint: melting faces) becomes difficult when speaking to anyone who isn’t already addicted to this kind of music. I’ve warned about albums that aren’t for the faint of heart, but saying that in relation to Defeated Sanity is like saying Hitler was a bit of a douche. This album exists on a plane of Death Metal populated by Brodequin’s discography, early Disgorge, Flesh Consumed and Cesspool Of Vermin. The kind of music that even Ted Bundy might have had to take a minute to process. There’s nothing here for people that don’t like Death Metal as violent as a steel toed curb stomp in a rat infested ghetto.

Without beating around the bush, I can safely say that A.J. Magana’s vocal performance on this album is nothing short of  astounding. In a crowded sea of brutal death vocalists, he manages to not only stand out, but effectively complete the element of repulsion this album specializes in. His monstrous growls perfectly meld with the ‘so heavy it’s cancerous’ guitar/bass tuning and riffing, to the point of making obsession an inevitability with this LP. Every possible item on the ‘Classic Brutal Death Metal Album’ checklist is checked off with flying colors. A genuine sense of evil? Check. Technicality without showboating? Check. Moments so intense that putting a fist through the fabric of reality is the only proper course of action? If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t even bother talking about ‘Chapters Of Repugnance’.

In summation, this is essential listening for any other sick, brutality craving madman like myself. ‘Psalms Of The Moribund’ is an album many continue to regard as classic but there’s absolutely no comparison to ‘Chapters Of Repugnance’. The intensity, ferocity, sheer talent (Jacob Schmidt’s bass work is something all Brutal Death Metal bands should take note of) and genius behind this demented gem make it a non-negotiable must have. I challenge any skeptic to listen to this album and tell me that Defeated Sanity lacks a crucial element of Death Metal bliss. It can’t be done, just like this album can’t be properly enjoyed without fully embracing the ugliest expressions of music itself.

My entire being was violated by this album…and it felt great.

Rating: 10/10
Author: Goshuggist.

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