Fanthrash - Duality Of Things

Review: Fanthrash – Duality Of Things

Duality Of Things (2011)

Poland, Rising Records, Technical Thrash Metal

I’ve listened to Fanthrash a million times already and I have a problem with them. Well, this is a hell of a solid material with the enormity of interesting playing and not just technical but its magnitude has outgrown me. Specifically I mean the duration of the “Duality Of Things”. 49 minutes is a good time when it comes to albums with “play it / forget it” but in the case of such music, I would sit down and impute a high quality sounds directly into my brain. It’s more difficult in here. It’s not easy to swallow such a dose of repeated music in one approach. Boys have a lot of promising breaks as almost progressive “Green Tattoo” and “Lizard Skeleton”. They also can hurt Your ears with such mediocre melodies like in title track “Duality Of Things” and “Domino”. Catchy? Yes! But if we look ambitiously towards technical then why the hell we stray from the course? We could have a Polish version of the Canadian Quo Vadis and we’ve got blend of Exodus and Kreator with a touch of technicality.

Obviously this is not a bad connection. I would say that a more than respectable, but I was hoping for something very original. Ok, starting to sound like a malcontent. Fanthrash presents a high level of production. The compositions are very carefully woven with small flourishes, and there is twelve of them to choose from. Despite the many complex elements, the music is perfectly catchy. They sell us classy development of music like the one from 2:10 min from “Under The Open Sky” which smoothly flows into a solo part. From higher class to very decent one. Frustrating is the fact that gentlemen’s with such potential spit the pulp all the way down. Throwing out these two songs gives us 10 minutes ahead and we don’t experience taking shortcuts. Another discussive matter are the vocals. They get very different opinions. Personally, I don’t mind them but sometimes I would like to be attacked by some variety to my ears. Less is one-dimensional vocalist and does not extend his horizon much. He exclaims another phrases without specific acquisition or emotion. This is correct but I would like to hear more. However, the specificity of this music allows most of the vocals to let go and focus on instrumental inferno. Drummer Radd adds just a extra touch to the well thought, almost sterile, music. His drumming resembles a chaotic form of CPR. Animates the body and mind, and with too high intensity can make you fall of the ceiling on the head. Nice rhythm and matched sound makes it a very consistent album. Pronounced in the form but a little bit monotonous. The sound is characteristic and juicy. Forgiving them some minor slips, I could evaluate them very high but doing such, would not motivate them to set up higher standards to the follow-up album. This is still great but I expect more from a successor.

Rating: 8/10
Author: Rimmon

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One thought on “Review: Fanthrash – Duality Of Things”

  1. You got my attention with “We could have a Polish version of the Canadian Quo Vadis.”

    Then I read “His drumming resembles a chaotic form of CPR” and I NEEDED to hear this!

    In general, I wanted more of the technical guitar riffs and leads, and less vocals. They just seem kind of flat. It seemed like the band would start something really cool, then the vocals would kick in. And then I would say “What happened?!”

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