TDM Staff review: Spawn of Possession – Incurso

spawn-of-possession-incursoSPAWN OF POSSESSION
Incurso (2012)

Sweden, Relapse Records, Technical Death Metal

My God…it’s full of STARS!

I’ve been a fan of Spawn Of Possession’s work since I first stumbled across ‘Swarm Of The Formless’ on Youtube. When ‘Noctambulant’ hit, I realized these geniuses had struck a chord in neo-classical death metal that other bands hadn’t and couldn’t. When ‘Incurso’ was announced, I did as much as possible to avoid hype. I wanted to jump into this latest offering with a clear mind. Fifty two minutes later as I was cleaning up what remained of my jaw and brain, the only certainty I had was of ‘Incurso’s inevitable position in my Top Five Albums Of 2012.

Not only have Spawn Of Possession left their competition in the dust, they’ve utterly obliterated their past material. ‘Incurso’ demonstrates unprecedented technicality, brutality and memorability not only for Spawn Of Possession, but for the entire niche of neo-classical Death Metal. The inclusion of Christian Müenzner is easily one of the greatest matches since combining peanut butter and chocolate. With his virtuosic abilities in the mix, Spawn Of Possession have created an album people will talk about for years to come as a key example of a band seizing their ultimate potential. The only remaining question is, ‘How will they top this?’

10/10 – Goshuggist

Holy Mother of Cthulu, the sleep problems paid off!

Well, having been waiting for this album since January, this has most definitely been worth the wait. So much so in fact, that I’ve actually spent the last two months power napping in the middle of the day, sleeping every chance I can, solely in the hopes of falling into a lucid dream, so that I can imagine more vividly what this album would sound like. Listening to it now, I can see that my efforts in lucidity and following insomnia have paid off. It’s given me something to do, even if it didn’t work.

So anyway, before I start rambling, this album is insane. It’s certainly broken a couple of boundaries in the tech-death Universe. The drums have some jazz influences added in there, but not in the “Hey, look at me, I’m playing jazz! Hey, I said look!” way that Death’s “The Sound of Perseverance” and Pitbulls in the Nursery’s “Lunatic” offer. More in the “Oh hey, you just caught me bomb blasting, there’s some freeform jazz to go with that” sort of way. Luckily however, it doesn’t extend to the subtle extreme of the scale that Wormed’s “Planisphaerium” demonstrates. Aside from the jazz, the drums essentially bring pure tech-death. The guitars, I’m sorry to say, sound a bit too much like Obscura’s latest to really amaze me. I’m sure Christian Münzner could write something a bit more diverse. Given, there are moments of utter awesomeness, but it still stands to me as if he’s ripping off himself, if that makes sense. On other notes, the vocals are perfect, through the madness a standard growl works better than attempting some obscure strain of vocals and coming off as a try-hard. The bass plays just what it needs to, but ought to be a bit louder in the mix. Of course, as a whole this is certainly set to top most other death metal releases this year.

9.5/10 –  InexorableRotting

…I was waiting…

Incurso is technical, Spawn of Possession is technical, technical death metal is technical. Chances are if you are reading this review, you know that.

The “t” word just doesn’t describe this album well enough. I spent a few days thinking about tops spinning into black holes and becoming a single atom wide, and finally…a revelation…

Intricate to the infinitesimal.

Every note and every squeal has a quality of “YES, this sound is exactly how this is supposed to be.” Sloppy sludge or grody goregrind has its place, but Incurso sounds more precise than laser eye surgery, in the best imaginable way. Yet the album still sounds fluid and organic – tracks like “Bodiless Sleeper” and “Spiritual Deception” have more atmosphere than a year of slasher films.

Incurso is the main act. When all the technical deathcore warmups pack into their mom’s SUV to get home for curfew, Spawn of Possession takes the stage and shows us how this kind of music is done…and it even gets better as clock ticks along. See album closer “Apparition” for a demonstration on the finest points of the genre of… uh… mathematical… oh, fine, of TECHNICAL death metal.

9/10 – Witness to the Void

Neoclassical meets SOP death metal!

The end of waiting is here. New era of neoclassical death metal is here. This is one of most comprehensive technical release up to date. No, it’s more than only technical! Every single metal maniac who’s into such music, had very high expectations about „Incurso”. Now I can freely admit – it meets all my requirements to became flawless victory upon my sense of virtuosity!

Music is glowing with abstractness and cosmic materia. Notes density is frightening but has a lot of very atmospheric, progressive breakdowns. They surely has a specialization in „tickling” the listener with bits of melody which transcends into ever flowing rhythm. They’re followed by irregular and most virtuosic soloing available. Same applies to bass section. Most of the time it spreads its wings in the background but Erlend Caspersen often blast his notes into public. It’s like “whoa, that bass has banged my ass!”. What I love about “Incurso” is the specific feeling of controlled chaos which is in fact – most modern and agile form of death metal. The neoclassical feeling is also present (“Spiritual Deception” for example) so for me it’s a new way of enduring sound progression. I dare to name them neoclassical death metal. Spawn Of Possession is like a precise missile which targets all aspects of being technically progressive (I overuse this word, I know). This is pure masterpiece – I couldn’t expect more!

10/10 – Rimmon


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