review desecravity - implicit obedience

Review: Desecravity – Implicit Obedience

Implicit Obedience (2012)

Japan, Willowtip Records, Savage Brutal Technical Death Metal. 

[Roar of the demonically possessed.] Then,  old sounding man: “I do that rather well, don’t you think?”

In fact, Desecravity, you do that strikingly well. So well that I am reminded of another death metal classic. Can YOU guess what it is?

For those of you not following the (poorly written) joke, the roaring and sample is the introduction to Cryptopsy’s infamous None So Vile album. Such is the context in which I heard about Implicit Obedience by Japanese savage tech-deathers Desecravity.

Now that we mentioned the pink elephant in the room, we can look at how great Desecravity’s album is. Implicit Obedience sounds like it could have been the long lost album between the None So Vile and Whisper Supremacy that combines the best of both albums. In fact, it combines the best of all the albums of Cryptopsy.

History and comparisons aside, Desecravity brings an album that’s very fresh in its depravity. Its sickening and heavy, thick yet fleetly technical. It squeals, but instead of staying in the weedly highs or spastic mids of Psycroptic’s ilk, the album dwells in the crypts. It has all the jackhammer quick jab stops of Whisper Supremacy and …And Then You’ll Beg. It even jumps with the fierce, high pitched, sharp, springs that made None So Vile so memorable, and snaps with the bass crack of Blasphemy Made Flesh, all with the primal, guttural madness and jarringly unnerving melodies of Once Was Not.

Implicit Obedience is interesting yet scathing, like floating razor blades that have little philosophical messages written on them. Its primal, yet smartly technical, like an educated mammoth. There is no bull in the china shop – the mammoth tramples the entire strip center, then wrote a best selling novel about it.

If you are one of the many who see None So Vile as one of the best death metal albums of all time then you owe to yourself, no, to anyone you know who likes this album, to buy Desecravity’s Implicit Obedience… you will be delightfully disgusted/disturbed.

One line veridict: The question is never “Is this album good?” only “Do you think they meant to sound like Cryptopsy?”… Either way, this is one sick set of songs not to be missed.

….the proper way to end this review, is, of course…

“Run home and cry to Mama!”

Rating: 10/10

Author: Witness to the Void

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