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Technical Tuesday II – The Return

Welcome to the second annual (weekly) Technical Tuesday! In case you missed last week’s program, I will be giving a short description of each complete album I listened to today, and choosing a weekly victor. I was really looking forward to this week for two big releases, or at least what I thought was supposed to be the release date for two big releases: Koloss by Meshuggah and A Perfect Absolution by Gorod. Unfortunately, my usual retailers (iTunes and Amazon) decided not to offer Gorod’s new album for digital purchase, so it looks like I am going to have to wait. Anyway, that doesn’t prevent me from listening to the new Meshuggah…

Meshuggah – Koloss
And here it is already. Like a juggernaut, like a titan, like a dinosaur made of concrete, the new Meshuggah is a discordant bulldozer. I won’t say too much in lieu of an upcoming staff review on the album to be posted in the near future. 

Meshuggah – Obzen
Not my favorite Meshuggah album, but still has the destructive dissonance that only they can achieve. I prefer Nothing, but this album did have really cool cover art.

Detrimentum – Inhuman Disgrace
A slightly melodic take on technical brutal death metal that works its way into the brain. I bought this album completely on a whim because I didn’t know what else to review for the week, and I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely worth checking out.

Hour of Penance – Sedition
I should be listening to much more Hour of Penance than I actually do. The band is technical and heavy, with a good chunk of brutal death metal as well. Top grade techdeath that I should know better, and am I ashamed to say that I forget about the album was recommended by Amazon (for only $8!) My only complaint is that it lacks as many samples as The Vile Concepton, and does not have the artwork of Par Olofsson (pictured left).

Hideous Deformity – Defoulment of Human Purity
This was my first time listening to Hideous Deformity. I was reminded of the crushing, galloping, militant riffs of Kronos’ The Hellenic Terror, which is a good thing.

Embryonic Devourment – Vivid Interpretations of the Void
This was also my first time listening to Embryonic Devourment. The swirling, discordant technicality and slapping bass tone was very appealing to me. I will be listening to this band again.

Xenocide – Galactic Oppression
I ranted and raved about this album last week, so if you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor and go check it out. The album is only 7$ on the band’s bandcamp, and this galactic death metal record is definitely worth the money. It is technical and heavy, but never alienating, with just enough variety to keep it interesting.

Slaughterbox – The Ubiquity of Subjugation
Ultra technical brutal death metal for fans of Brain Drill, with some wicked cover art. I should have ranked this higher on my year end list.

Origin – Entity
Origin was the first technical death metal band I ever liked, and they have never done anything wrong in my book. I bought this album on the day it came out and was not let down; Entity is some of their best work. Like the latest Spawn of Possession album, Entity highlights a band who is in the prime of their career. Although I can’t say its better than Antithesis, it still shows that Origin is a leader, not a follower.

Meshuggah – Koloss

 …how to topple a colossus…?

Meshuggah – Nothing
 My favorite Meshuggah album. I was given this as present years ago, before I knew about technical death metal, and I was hoping to get Chaosphere because I was unaware that Meshuggah had released a new album. This album changed my entire perception of music, and I am not exaggerating. If you haven’t heard it, hop over to youtube and listen to “Closed Eye Visual Delusions” NOW.

Those are the competitors for this week’s unarmed combat.

Who will survive? Who will be the champion? Drum roll please (preferably in some off time signature) …

I am the great leviathan
The insatiable colossus
I am life and death 

And this week’s champion is Koloss! I am a huge Meshuggah fan and I have been waiting for this for months. Really, how fair is it to throw anything into the arena with an indestructible colossus? Although it may not be exactly death metal, its technicality and musicianship is undeniable. I believe Meshuggah was one of the most influential metal bands of the last decade, and they remain at the top of the industry. And Koloss is only 7$ on DEAL.
Djent may be the next big thing, but Meshuggah is the KOLOSS.

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