Back To The Front Cover

Never’s long awaited new cd…

Amazingly technical album from polish metallers – NEVER. Thrashy alike sound and lots of wild stop’s and go’s. Beside this, “Back To The Front” features guest vocals (duo’s and solo appearances) of Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy and guitar parts by Mauser (Unsun, ex-Vader). A must check for any technical fan! It will be out in two days – 31 march 2010!

Title: Never – Back To The Front
Label: Metal Mind Productions

1. A.M.O.R (Another Mutation of Reality)
2. Too Blind
3. Questions Within (Duo with Angela Gossow)
4. And I (Mauser guest lead)
5. 2996
6. Painted Black (Angela Gossow solo vocals)
7. Fiction Generator
8. Fatherland
9. Undisputed Inability
10. Back to the Front
11. Grain of Sand
12. Questions Within (Angela Gossow solo vocals) Japan Bonus
13. Painted Black (Duo with Angela Gossow) Japan Bonus

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