Metal around the globe

I was sent this link by two different friends. Both of these guys do not listen to metal, but thoroughly enjoy talking about the genre, and of course things that are or are not metal.

Note: I do not own copyrights for this, and (unfortunately) cannot take credit for making this, but it is REALLY cool. The original can be found at :

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3 thoughts on “Metal around the globe”

  1. I’m surprised to find Canada, Spain and Russia gravitating towards the lower end of the spectrum. Some of the best modern and classic Death Metal bands are from those regions. *shrugs*

    1. I agree on Canada, and I expected Poland to be darker. But Spain and Russia? I don’t know too many Russian metal bands or Spanish bands…. and when I think of Spain I just think of variations of electronic music. Like dubstep…. (::shiver::)

      1. Monumental Torment, Abominable Putridity and Abnormity are three great modern Death Metal bands from Russia off the top of my head. Russia’s always had quality Slam but these days their Tech-Death scene is exploding. If only less of their tech-death was head over heels in love with Beneath The Massacre. (Genocide Of Prescription and Sentenced To Dissection come to mind)

        Spain’s biggest for me are Wormed and Human Mincer. Phlegeton > Almost every other Death Metal vocalist, save for very key exceptions like Matti Way, Frank Mullen, Antti Boman et. al.

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