Review: Nailshitter - From the Bowels of the Impaled

Review: Nailshitter – From the Bowels of the Impaled

From The Bowels Of The Impaled (2006)

USA, Extreme Underground Records, Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore.

There are many great mysteries in life, but among the greatest in my mind recently is the utter disappearance of the band Nailshitter. A petty query for most I’m sure, but when I first discovered Nailshitter, I had never heard anything more brutal than Cannibal Corpse and Necrophagist’s ‘Epitaph’. ‘From The Bowels Of The Impaled’ was one of the swift kicks in the pants that lead me to where I am today and in researching the band rather recently for any new material, I found that they had disbanded in┬álate 2008 – early 2009. I was completely taken aback. When I looked for potential reasons, I came up empty. I’m still perturbed by this fact; I saw potential for underground dominance when I heard this EP and I eagerly awaited any full length they may have been working on. The type of Brutal Death Metal with the speed and intensity of grindcore Nailshitter played may not have been the most original within the scope of Floridian Death Metal, but not once have I heard anything I thoroughly dislike from this EP in all of my years of revisiting it. The vocals are harsh and uncompromising, the drumming is pounding and intense and the guitar work demonstrates certain traits I’d like to see more of in modern Death Metal, like medium paced grooves as opposed to all out slams, expert coordination with the drumming (even in its most dissonant expression) and lightning fast riffing that doesn’t showboat.

The EP starts off with ‘Gastric Impalement’ which already personifies everything that made me want to see Nailshitter have a long career; an immediate backhand from the guitar followed by a growling curbstomp that ceases only for moments at a time to ratchet up the insanity underlined by a vicious drum beating. As the song approaches its climax, most modern Brutal Death Metal bands would throw in a slam, which in the interest of full disclosure I love, but not in the context of Nailshitter’s brutality. At about 2:36 into ‘Gastric Impalement’ a medium paced head crushing groove starts that’s too fast to be a slam but still much slower than the breakneck intensity of previous portions. In only one song, Nailshitter have demonstrated and articulated upon what was their own unique identity within the vast conglomerate of Brutal Death Metal. As ‘Boiled In Gore’ kicks off, there’s no pause to catch your breath or collect your thoughts. Nailshitter’s greatest strength was their refusal to relent. Even on the slowest, grooviest moments here, there is no escape. Even at only 15 seconds, ‘Wading Through Bile’ will chew you up and spit you out. ‘The Art Of Extreme Torture’ and ‘As Maggots Pour From Her Ass’ close out the EP and are easily the two most brutal tracks here, especially ‘As Maggots Pour From Her Ass’. By the end of ‘From The Bowels Of The Impaled’s 14 minute running time, I defy you to not have to pick up pieces of your face.

I can think of no good reason for Nailshitter’s discontinuation. What should have been the savage beginning of a new band to be reckoned with remains now and forever the longest expression of ultimately destroyed potential. I miss this band for what they managed to accomplish on an EP with only five songs, their willingness to define themselves as they saw fit and not according to trends and the devastation that will never come from a full length that never materialized. A true shame. If you can find a copy of this EP, pick it up without hesitation. If you can’t, the whole thing is on Youtube. The most I can hope for now is a sudden, unexpected reunion to set the record straight and fulfill their ultimate potential. While I’m dreaming, how about a five piece concert composed of Brain Drill, Viraemia, Monumental Torment, Hedonistic Exility and Entrails Eradicated? At least that has some small chance of happening…

Rating: 9/10

Author: Goshuggist

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