Rings Of Saturn - Embryonic Anomaly

Straight down to earth with Rings Of Saturn

I’am little bit worried about my fellow comrades here on TDM.com for not mentioning Rings Of Saturn yet. Hehe this is joke ofcourse but listening to „Embryonic Anomaly” is simply a must for any human devoted to technical scene.

Let’s start with the name… Rings of Saturn is brilliant name for technical band isn’t it? It’s catchy and unique and feels like avant-garde, sick stuff. And in fact they are pretty sick. The bad things – generic, not well done breakdowns and some heavy, motoric riffage which do nothing but irritate people. That’s all when comes to bad things, I suppose.

The bright side of the „Embryonic Anomaly” is superior arpeggio playing and jazz improvisations. They’re on the good way to being outstanding, technical killing machine when they cut off those mediocre, deathcore moments. They’re music would be more consisted and strictly brutal. Cheers goes to another pure extremist as the drummer is. His playing is narrow and form a creative umbrella over the gutting guitars. The same applies to more-than-well-done vocals. Maybe they’re not too unique but does very well job in illustrating the madness contained in Rings Of Saturn. Give this record a spin and You may even like it, hehe.

Embryonic Anomaly (2010)

USA, Self-released, Technical Death Metal / Deathcore

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