Technical metal getting some attention in the US!

Last week in the metal news….

The United States has a fair amount of metal bands, some of the quite technical and heavy, but for the most part the genre maintains more of an underground following. We don’t turn on the radio at 2 p.m. in a big city and hear Slayer, much less something like Gojira.

However, that could be changing, albeit slowly.

For the week ending in March 24th, the number one hyped track on was “The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance!” Now of course isn’t an accurate depiction of the listening trends of the entire nation, but it still shows that metal is getting more and more listeners. Now of course the next week’s most hyped track is by Nicki Minaj, but take your victories when you get them, right?

And the number 2 most hyped track? Meshuggah’s “Marrow.” 

Number 3? Meshuggah’s “Behind the Sun.”

Number 4? Meshuggah’s “I am Colossus”

And can you guess number 5? I bet you can’t. Well its Madonna, so not Meshuggah, unfortunately.

Nonetheless, Koloss is getting some mainstream attention. About time, right?

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