Review: The Faceless – Planetary Duality

Planetary Duality (2008)

USA, Sumerian Records, Technical Death Metal

This review will differ from my others, since I wrote it at the tender age of 14. I’d otherwise be shocked at my inability to analyze anything or even make myself sound intelligent, but after a chat with Witness to the Void, I thought it’d be worth a few giggles at the very least. Everything beyond this paragraph was all written back when I originally wrote this review for Encyclopaedia Metallum, and it’s actually the first review I’ve ever written for anything.

“One of my favourite Technical Death Metal albums out there, from start to finish. This album and band has everything. Heavy guitar lines that aren’t too heavy, some sweet bass grooves, incredible vocals, and don’t even get me started on the drum work.

When I first discovered The Faceless, I discovered their Akeldama album, and I immediately fell in love with the lyrics above anything else. They’re the sort of lyrics where you read them, and either find yourself having a completely different outlook on life from reading them, or you think “Dude, that guy must’ve got an A+ in English. Or he just got sent to the school councillor a lot”.

But let’s talk about Planetary Duality. Overall, it really is a great album from start to finish, from the Brain Drill-esque technicality, speed, brutality and intensity of Prison Born, to the soft guitar sections in Legion of the Serpent. I think the 2-part song Planetary Duality also goes up near the top of my favourite songs of all time, let alone from this album. The use of the frantic caller from Art Bell’s radio show added so much tension into the song.

The thing that I really love is when you choose a song to listen to, look at the song name next to the band name, and you think “Man, this song’s going to be AWESOME!” This happens normally for about half of the songs on an album. However, with Planetary Duality, none of the songs, at any point, look like they’ll slip from the high standards that The Faceless set themselves. The lyrics as well seem to really define pure death metal at its best.

I can’t give the album top marks considering it was far too short for me, and could’ve used some more solos. But overall, an outstanding album. For those who love technical and melodic death metal that you can really bang your head to, I highly recommend this album.”

Aww, me as a kid. Well, me a year ago anyway.

Rating: 9/10
Author: InexorableRotting


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3 thoughts on “Review: The Faceless – Planetary Duality”

  1. I know I’ll probably be struck down as a heretic for this, but The Faceless just don’t do anything for me these days. I’ve tried again and again to see what exactly it was that made them so amazing back in my tech-death infancy and I just can’t. They’re not a bad band by any stretch of the imagination, but I just fail to see how they’re all that and a bag of chips like so many of my fellow metalheads think. *shrugs*

    Personally, for immaculately produced Californian tech-death of a somewhat similar vain, I prefer Arkaik and Odious Mortem.

  2. I think it is always interesting to revisit old writing. It refreshes the memory, and you can look at your own work with a bit of an outsider’s eye, while also seeing the roots of your own style. This definitely bears the mark of your current reviews, while showing how your writing style refined. Your descriptions are on target, and probably a lot better than a great many of other reviews of the album.

    I am also a big fan of Planetary Duality. What did you think of the band’s second release?

    1. I didn’t find it quite as good as Planetary Duality, elbeit making a better use of deathcore influence than most bands of that style. I was very fond of All Dark Graves, it was the first song I heard by them. Great band though, I can’t wait for the new album.

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