The Farthest Reaches cover

Son Of Aurelius – rising star!

A nice coming through from USA band – Son Of Aurelius! Debut album “The Farthest Reaches” is the perfect solution for every ‘more than technical’ fan! Sterile sound (in a good way!) or VERY selective, as some may say, makes this album very specialistic. Every note is intensively exposed to daylight and believe me, there’s lot’s and lot’s of notes. You could say there’s overwhelming, technical feeling but that’s the way it should be. You can’t blame them of being too technical – that’s the virtuosic mastery in here.

Oh, there’s one more thing worth mentioning. The album lyrical theme is greek mythology. Pretty new ‘thing’ in technical death (or am I wrong?). Get it as soon as possible!

The Farthest Reaches” tracklist:
1. Mercy For Today
2. Let Them Hate and Fear
3. The Farthest Reaches
4. Olympus is Forgotten
5. Facing the Gorgon
6. Pandora’s Burden
7. A Champion Reborn
8. Mycordial Infarction
9. The Calm
10. A Good Death
11. The First, the Serpent

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