Point Of Infinity

Obsidian’s progressive nature

Do You know Disavowed? Two members of Obsidian are actually playing in there but forget it. This is milestone from Obsidian to Disavowed. Altough Obsidian stays “brutal” at some time, it’s strictly technical/progressive nature consist very good characteristics of the genre. Maybe the sound is to crunchy but You could easily skip this fact. High-end progression makes this even. This is not an easy cd to listen. There is mental concept behind this, so it’s highly recommended to listen “Point Of Infinity” with clear mind. I guarantee You success.

Obsidian – Point Of Infinity (2010)
Candlelight Records
1. Illuminate
2. Breach
3. Tidal Waves
4. Radiating Light
5. Desolate Rage
6. The Upward Spiral
7. Point of Infinity
8. Incinerate
9. Spectral Pathways

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