Atheist - Jupiter

Atheist is back!

But could they live to the legend? At this moment, I can’t tell. I’ve heard this cd only by once and found some really critical voices about it. “Jupiter” is maybe too modern and not really connects with the band’s past. Nothing innovative here really, but obviously it’s a lot of technicality in here. Some may say “technical wankery” but hey – it is a technical death metal! What did You expect? Oh I know – Atheist should be more jazz-driven, progressive band. And now it suits for bands like The Faceless.

Sound is sterile as some of the reviewers, mentioned but this is not the problem for me. It simply lacks a groovy elements which can make goosebumps on Your whole body. It’s somehow melodic but in the mediocre way, and You should be listening to the technical masterpiece. I must re-listen to it, couple times and I will come back with new thoughts.

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