Behold... The Arctopus - Skullgrid

Exposed to sunlight and got blind! Behold… The Arctopus!

This is some massive, weird shit out there! Behold… The Arctopus – yeah, indeed. This album is instrumental and “no” it’s not technical wankery in my opinion. It’s more like a jazz improvisation for 30 minutes and not a strict technical blastification. Sometimes they got cocky and strike a rain of notes BUT I assure You that Behold… The Arctopus can be very harsh and impale You directly… nevermind. “Skullgrid” can be sludge’oniric trip from Your worst nightmares or can turn into math provocateur. Even if they try to land thousand notes in a second, I can’t describe them as a overdone. The bass guitar here done a amazing job. It’s as important as the guitars and sounds very techno-bright. Not to mention the intense drumming and well use of cymbals… I will not try to convince You anymore – just get it!


2007, USA, Black Market Activities, Instrumental Technical Death Metal

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2 thoughts on “Exposed to sunlight and got blind! Behold… The Arctopus!”

  1. Behold… The Arctopus RULES.

    I consider them part of the Definitive Instrumental Tech Quadrilogy, along with Blotted Science, Amogh Symphony and Sleep Terror.

    Supposedly Colin Marston (The Warr guitarist of the band) is in Gorguts’ latest line up playing bass.

    That (rumored) new album better hit REAL SOON.

  2. I have seen this name many times and always thought about listening to them, but I never have until now. I don’t normally like instrumental stuff very much, but these guy are really good. I like the jazz and mathy stuff, I think its mixed well with the more death parts. I will definitely listen to more in the future – good recommendation!

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