Review: Sentenced To Dissection - Between The Worlds

Review: Sentenced To Dissection – Between The Worlds

Between The Worlds (2012)

Russia, Self-released, Technical Death Metal/Deathcore.

Oh Russian Tech-Death, why must we continue to play this game? I know you’re capable of creating mind-blowing tech-death extravaganzas that give the very best a run for their money (Monumental Torment’s ‘Element Of Chaos’) but then you turn around and start fellating Beneath The Massacre, resulting in a series of bands that could be wonderful tech-death but instead squeal and breakdown like there’s no tomorrow in between constant weedily deedling that makes haters cream themselves for reinforcing their caricature of the genre. (Genocide Of Prescription, Sentenced To Dissection) Even Beneath The Massacre’s finally eased up on their wholehearted ‘wankery’ stereotype embrace, so there’s no excuse for this. Deathcore was never something to emulate in the first place (unless it’s Abiotic but that’s a completely different story) but releasing an album in 2012 as fond of the most commonly derelict, fundamentally broken version of the ‘genre’ as ‘Between The Worlds’ is so blatantly insulting it hurts. The members of Sentenced To Dissection are NOT talentless, so the fact that they revel in creating such an uninspired hybrid makes me seriously question their logic, or lack thereof. Here’s a crazy idea; Russia is also one of the best Slam regions in the entire world…why not create a combo of crushing slams and hyper-technical madness? Why even give standard Deathcore inanities the time of day? I can’t even begin to understand why musicians capable of writing any kind of technical licks would ever resort to merging them with perhaps the most derivative fad metal music has faced since Nu Metal. Of course, not every Deathcore band is Waking The Cadaver, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Suicide Silence or Chelsea Grin but so many of them are that it isn’t even worth the effort to try and make this work.

Remember in my Abiotic review where I said their version of Deathcore worked because it was played with the skill, tenacity and intensity of tech-death? Sentenced To Dissection is almost the complete reverse of that; while they certainly have the technical chops necessary to play some really amazing stuff, they waste their potential on exploring every atrocious element of Deathcore. Hell, I think they even give Genocide Of Prescription a run for their money in that department and that’s saying something given the absolutely ridiculous musical choices they make on a regular basis.  The biggest disappointment this five song release has in store is just when an actually well written riff enters the equation, it’s subsequently ruined by pig squealing, cookie-cutter double bass blasting, some of the worst breakdowns I’ve heard in years or a combination of all three. My honest opinion is the guitarist of this band needs to find himself a new gig. Maybe a band with a capable growler that understands tech-death and generic deathcore are not even close to being compatible. Perhaps an Abnormity meets Origin type of band, that merges Slams and technical noodling, kind of like how Viraemia proved it makes both ideas even better?

As it stands, this release suffers from the exact same problem all weedily-deedily tech-core suffers from; not only does every track sound almost exactly the same but any conviction, interest or actual involvement goes right out the window with the mixture of talent and utter shit. You can polish a turd all you want Sentenced To Dissection, but it’s still a turd. Deathcore is still antithetical to the idea of Origin/Brain Drill style noodling and nothing you say or try to make to the contrary will change that. I’ve been blaming Beneath The Massacre for this perversion of the genre for the longest time but at some point the blame has to fall squarely on the bands that perpetuate this idiocy. I’m looking at you Genocide Of Prescription. Don’t even think you can weasel your way out of this Sentenced To Dissection. You’re all culpable here Every (X) Of/To/As (Y) Band Out Of Russia. When your fellow countrymen in bands like Monumental Torment, Abnormity, Abominable Putridity and 7 H.Target are pushing the boundaries of creativity and progress in their respective niches of Death Metal and you’re still fapping to ‘Mechanics Of Dysfunction’ as some nirvana of technical excellence, you’re holding back the genre. You’re perpetuating the idea that following is better than leading, that innovation is a dirty word. That’s the greatest offense of your music and indeed the music of every band that can be just as easily switched out in your place. For shame.

If I ever check out a release of yours again (which is unlikely) perhaps you can try to create something distinctly your own, something that hasn’t become a cliche of your region? Either that or fade into the irrelevance you and Genocide Of Prescription are cultivating. That’s your choice. My choice is to blast some ‘Irreversible Disintegration’ and listen to some actual trailblazers. By the time ‘Shattered To The Bone’ is over, I have a feeling I won’t even remember this release, which is exactly what happens when you fail to put any effort into music so technically proficient.

Rating: 3/10

Author: Goshuggist

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