Rings Of Saturn: Fives Minutes Of New Album? Aliens.

Rings Of Saturn: Five Minutes Of New Album? Aliens.

Science save us!

Rings Of Saturn are back and they’re packing an even bigger whallop than their debut, which was already extremely impressive. Sure, it still doesn’t sound like they’ve done away with all of the unnecessary breakdowns and hell, their new vocalist got famous on Youtube thanks to Deathcore covers but by some twist, this is still lightyears beyond anything they’ve done until now. (No pun intended)

As a significant plus, Ron Casey of Flesh Consumed, Vaginal Discharge and Quantum Catastrophe era Brain Drill is now the drummer and already there’s an improvement, even on this five minute sampler. His blasts, fills and double bass work sound as crisp and bludgeoning as ever and in coordination with Joel Omans’ and Lucas Mann’s unfathomably talented shredding, I see amazing things in even the direct future for Rings Of Saturn. (Seeing them live in six days might have something to do with that) If the direction of this sample is to be believed, it might even possible for Rings Of Saturn to carve out a piece of the already crowded US technical supremacy for themselves. They have a ways to go before they approach the level of Origin, Brain Drill or Viraemia, but with every new development they get closer and closer to realizing just that. Even as a hardcore tech freak, there are distinct moments in this sampling that kicked the crap out of my mind and forced my jaw onto the floor. I still don’t see the need for any breakdowns, but somehow they’ve been integrated much more gracefully than on ‘Embryonic Anomaly’. That doesn’t mean I suddenly approve (Don’t break down, Slam! Slam damn you!) but fortunately even though the breakdowns are still present they aren’t nearly as intrusive.

Rings Of Saturn: Fives Minutes Of New Album? Aliens.

The biggest question for a lot of folks is how is Ian Bearer, the fresh faced new vocalist for the band? I’m happy to report than even without the awesome lows of Peter Pawlak, Ian simply fits the new dynamic of the band better. He’s got vocal chops for damn sure. Even though it’s not necessarily my style of vocals (I’ve been spoiled by 90’s New York Death Metal) Ian knows exactly what he’s doing and has the power, stamina and endurance to back it up. I greatly respect that. At only a year older than I am, I also have to give him major props for landing in such a promising outfit at such a young age. I hope to get my band up and running within a similar time frame.

All in all, this is just about the best sample from Rings Of Saturn’s new album that anyone, fan or newcomer could have asked for. Whenever it ends up dropping, I look forward to hearing the whole thing and possibly even being part of a staff review for it. (hint hint nudge nudge) In five minutes, Rings Of Saturn have utterly annihilated their debut. There’s only one conceivable explanation for that…



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