Serocs – a mexican knee shredder!

Yay, well done Mr. Serocs! This is one man project and it’s calling the techno brothers to arms! Kill the pigeons, start the warfare! This “ep” is very mature piece of music and beats the living shit out of the listener. It’s intensive, blasting, keen to murder and rape Your dog – mwahahaha. No, it’s not boring, even with the lack of vocals BUT – in my opinion there’s lot’s of space left for the extreme, guttural spasm. Sometimes too much, maybe. It just seems they were ripped from the track. Beside the obvious guitar mastery, I can say only good things about the drums. Intensification is monstrous and the patterns are very complex and “entertaining” at the same time. You should give him a spin, especially when this ep is free for listen and download on his bandcamp [profile] and below. Keep up the good work!

SEROCS – So On and So Forth (2012) EP

Mexico, Self-released, Technical Death Metal

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