Ascariasis - Ocean of Colour

EP’s Mayhem: Ascariasis – Ocean of Colour

Ocean of Colour (2012)

Canada, Unsigned, Progressive/Technical Death Metal

I do enjoy finding EPs like this for unsigned bands, it gives me hope. This was actually the EP along with Writhing’s Indomitable that inspired me to make “EP’s Mayhem” in the first place. And it seems I was in luck. Just like my latest review of Antikathera’s Sunspot Effigy, these guys are another cornerstone in the modern Canadian tech-death scene. What with Cryptopsy and Kataklysm falling down the drain entwined with the success of Justin Bieber, Canada’s had to rebuild it’s tech-death scene from scratch, like rebuilding a bombed city. However, unlike my city, which got bombed more heavily than any other English city in World War II, Canada’s apparently managed to regain potential as technical death metal central. Soon, I’m sure they’ll be known for more than just hockey and maple syrup.

Straight from the first few seconds of “Shatter”, the opening track, I myself can track an inane level of potential for this band. It’s got an underlying similarity to Antikathera again, in the context that beats and rhythms are progressive, yet still have a brutal pulse and energy in there. I may as well say that the song name speaks for itself in context of the song sound. Even when the slow melodies float in, there’s still an inherent crushing, shattering sound.

On the subject of melodies, they retain beauty even when the fast runs occur, which is something extremely rare in any genre of music, in fact. I’m actually growing more and more in love with this band as I speak.

“Torchbearer” is full of said melodies, in fact, they incorporate melodic solos into the main verse in places, which is very unusual. In a way, I see a great influence from Obscura’s Omnivium, mixing fast, crushing riffing with almost virtuosic soloing.

If we carry on through this 5-track EP, we’ll find 3 more songs, namely “XI”, “Ocean of Colour”, and “Carving the World”, all of which serve to show that these guys have an outstanding knowledge of tech-death, and we’re lucky this band exists. The soaring melodies on “XI” are inspirational to say the least. Also, I’m not sure whether I’ve lost it, or whether I’m hearing neo-classical elements in this as well. I hope it’s the latter. If so, I’m worried that they may have too much talent.

It’s 2012. They’re cloning sheep. Can we not figure this out? Talent out to be spread evenly, I want a small slice at the very least. Ah, well. At least those without it can enjoy great music made by talented musicians like these guys.

Rating: 10/10

Author: InexorableRotting

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One thought on “EP’s Mayhem: Ascariasis – Ocean of Colour”

  1. “Canada’s apparently managed to regain potential as technical death metal central. Soon, I’m sure they’ll be known for more than just hockey and maple syrup.”

    …and Trailer Park Boys. (=P)

    In all seriousness though, this EP is fantastic. Discovered these guys right after checking out Aegaeon, who I’m in the process of writing a review for.

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