EP’s Mayhem: Ovid’s Withering – The Cloud Gatherer

The Cloud Gatherer (2012)

U.S.A, Unsigned, (Theatrical) Technical Death Metal

So, here I am again. I apologize for the lack of posts lately, I’ll take this opportunity to take back the promise I made on the Writhing review of making this a weekly thing, like Technical Tuesday, but I’ve been at a loss for bands to review, and I’ve been very busy with exams and making music of my own. Now that I have a bit of free time from working 72-hour weeks, I present to you… Ovid’s Withering.

Ovid’s Withering are essentially a theatrical tech-death band. Strange, I know. Well, I say “tech-death”, but the EP’s more like 20 minutes of technical music, the genre of which inherently oscillates between death metal and deathcore.

This consistent alternation, combined with the use of synth is intrinsic to the band’s own style that they’ve created, and their persona as a combined musical outfit.

To be metaphorical, the aforementioned outfit is a snug fit, but a bit short in the sleeve. Meaning, they’re musically sound, but the dips into deathcore movements can be quite annoying. The one-note chug riffs seem persistent to join the cacophonous brutality that eventually sneaks back into the mix. Said chugs also seem to be attempts at breakdowns, but making them last for minutes on end with a basic synth melody over the top only serves to lose any brutality the band aimed to achieve by utilizing them.

This EP does have some moments of pure glory, nonetheless. The first track, Panikon Deima, has an atmospheric guitar solo that sounds like something from The Faceless’ Planetary Duality, and the synth sections really add something in small doses. I’m also in love with the soaring melodies and solo of Oedipus Complex, and The Omen of Lycaon has some awesome sections as well.

Rating: 9/10

Author: InexorableRotting

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