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Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part I)

In the deepest recesses of space, the furthest corners of nonesxistance, there pass few travelers. From this void, from this infinite plane of nothing, comes a voyager with a commentary of the cosmic kind. Messages from beyond the veil… messages of cosmic technical death metal.  Here are the words of the witness, the Witness to the Void, of the alien races heard on each album. 

These first alien chronicles are of three beings existing beyond the eyes of man. The first, a howling devourer of the universe… the second, an electrical entity existing on another frequency… and the third, a fellow ethereal traveler of the void…

In the deepest recesses of the nether realms beyond the ends of space time, there exists a chaotic mass, a stygian horror beyond the conception of beings that live in the light that eternally gnaws at the ends of existence. This alien beast is called Cosmic Atrophy, and its transmission into our world is entitled Codex Incubo. Low roars, of the cavernous chasms of Incantation, and the growling guitars of Diabolic, paired with the drums steps and lurches and leaps of the odd pace of Immolation create a dark and discordant voyage. These aliens are the sinister fiends that welcome the drifting vessel that floats into space, destroying the sanity through an album that transmits the utter madness of the x zone. For a taste of the nothingness, of sinister, mind devouring madness, pick up Codex Incubo.

A being of a very different sort exists within the realm of man, but beyond normal perception. This entity, known to man as Gigan, thrives within a spectrum of wavelengths unbeknownst to man. The transmission, entitled Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes, emanates from an endless plain of lightning storms and beings that exist wholly in electrical form… and gives a visual depiction of such through auditory means. These entities jolt with unpatterned, unrestrained madness, snapping and crackling, in a rapid quickstep like pulses from a rifle, giving a glimpse of an endless plane of sound and vision beyond the knowledge of the physical realm. Messages such as “Transmogrification into Bio-Luminoid” describe the auditory with its own lyrics of “releasing luminescence,” while “The Fathomless” sounds like an alien massacre dance party. As the being declares, “NO MORE FLESH!” – this alien is one of maddening urgency, of jolting and jumping electrical surges, on an extra-dimensional plane previously unobserved to the human eye.

Beyond the eyes of man travels an ethereal explorer of the universe, a voice from the void, a searcher of the endless planes.  Unlike the lurching destruction of Cosmic Atrophy, or the electrical soniscape of Gigan, Mithras’ Worlds Beyond the Veil is a transmission of pure observation, the words of a traveler beyond the concepts of life and death, of good and evil. Mithras brings a recording from the depths of space, such as the waves of the cosmos, heard on purple sands overlooking the green oceans with flying whales overhead, as transmitted on “Psyrens.” Atmospheric breather “Break the Worlds Divide” gives viewers the sensation of floating through space in zero gravity… while “Lords and Masters” sprints with a deathly gallop echoed from the scrolls of Morbid Angel. This alien being is not one to be missed, a traveler bringing sounds and visions and perception of “Transcendence” from the Worlds Beyond the Veil.

Transcribed here was the first edition of the Alien Chronicles, of three beings existing beyond the realm of man, from the perspective of the Witness to the Void. Return next time for another description of more alien beings from the realm of cosmic technical death metal. 

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