Technical Tuesday

Technical Tuesday – The Alien Chronicles (Part II)

In the deepest recesses of space, the furthest corners of nonesxistance, there pass few travelers. From this void, from this infinite plane of nothing, comes a voyager with a commentary of the cosmic kind. Messages from beyond the veil… messages of cosmic technical death metal.  Here are the words of the witness, the Witness to the Void, of the alien races heard on each album. 

This secondary alien chronicles are of three beings that possibly threaten the existence of man. The first, a relentless crusher of human bones… the second, a galactic destroyer set on the destruction of man… the third, a reptilian invader through somewhat more subtle, but no less destructive, means…

A transmission first heard in 2000, the self-titled recording from the bonecrushing beings known as Origin gives a glimpse of militant world devastators. Bludgeoning and world-crushing, Earth’s first exposure to these aliens foreshadowed an onslaught that hasn’t let up for over a decade. Origin pulverizes cities in seconds with a relentless drum-driven technical fury topped by a triple vocal  devastation unmatched by any other species. And the aliens continued to become even more technical, more advanced, and more evolved… this does not bode well for the species of mankind….

Xenocide - Galactic OppressionThe second transmission, picked up in 2012, comes from another bludgeoning alien race bent on the worldly destruction of mankind. The first known recording of Xenocide is slower and chunkier, and not quite as advanced as the ways of Origin…but no less destructive. Galactic Oppression bounces and kicks with rubbery bass destruction, delivering a thick beam of radioactive annihilation. Perhaps most disturbing, this recording exhibits a species with the sense to allow mankind a moment to breathe and relax … in between waves of crushing obliteration. This, also, does not bode well for mankind…

In a much more sinister, and perhaps more distressing transmission, Embryonic Devourment’s Vivid Interpretations of the Void gives insight into the hideous and revolting conspiracy plot of a race of alien reptiles that are deceitfully infiltrating positions of power within the civilization of man. Filthy, vile, septic, swamplike, serpentine, surging, twisting… This transmission showcases a frighteningly intelligent, technically adept, and brutally heavy species that could surely eradicate mankind with stop-on-a dime slashing precision and vocal delivery reminiscent of the catacombs of ancient Egypt, as dictated by Nile. This most certainly does not bode well for the future of mankind…

Transcribed here was the second edition of the Alien Chronicles, of three beings existing threatening the very future of mankind, as reported by the Witness to the Void. Return next time for another description of more alien beings from the realm of cosmic technical death metal. 

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