Art Of The Flesh - Aalakaa (2010)

Review: Art Of The Flesh – Alakaa

Alakaa (2010) USA
progressive death metal

They’re pretty young metallers in the prog death scene (1 demo and this is their firs LP). I like such acts because public have no obligations and expectations towards them. Music is pretty upward one. Sometimes catchy and sometimes boring. Lot’s of technically distinguished riffs and many solo’s (not too complicated tho’). Rhythm section has alot of work here too. There is some kind of blast’s in the composition matter. Playing straight forward riffs is ended with sudden stop, and another melody starts there. Vocal is brutal and relevant to the ‘death metal’ situation here. He’s done a good job here, even if he would be described as mediocre in the ‘normal’ dm genre. Progression is simply found here and I mean progression, not the technical death in the different kind of way. Sometimes maybe too obvious for the listener but it is possible to forgive them too simple relation from music to atmosphere. Oh, and the last song “The Awakening” has simply, power metal influences (especially the clear vocal which is pretty weak for being honest). Funny and maybe original (?) but it sounds weird. Reminded me Rhapsody or whatsoever. Well ok. This album is great experience as many other prog and tech death metal albums. Don’t give a fuck if this is an original concept from the beginning to the end. I have lot of emotions about them and this is what’s music is about. Oh, and i don’t give a fuck about my (possibly) weak english hehe. Cheers!

Rate: 8/10!
Author: Rimmön

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