TDM Staff Review: Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme

dyingfetus-reignsupremeDYING FETUS
Reign Supreme (2012)

United States, Relapse Records, Death Metal

“Fuck the baby, let it die.”

Remember when I said ‘There’s no possibility of Reign Supreme being mediocre or awful’? I was right… so deliciously right. This is the best Dying Fetus has been in years and easily one of the most brutal albums 2012 has given us. Liked Descend Into Depravity’s technicality? You haven’t heard anything yet. Remember how pissed off Killing On Adrenaline was? Prepare to get reacquainted real goddamn quick. In many ways this is the perfect modern Dying Fetus album; vitriolic and destructive like their classic work while perfecting the technicality of later releases that weighed War Of Attrition down and made massive headway on Descend Into Depravity.

Quite honestly, the only way brutality junkies like me could see a better release from an old school giant this year is Internal Bleeding or Suffocation’s latest and even then, Dying Fetus has set the bar extraordinarily high. From Trey Williams’ savage drum assault to John Gallagher & Sean Beasley’s masterful vocals/riffing to the downright FILTHY slams, this is a release NO ONE has an excuse to miss, except of course the mental incompetents that couldn’t handle Dying Fetus to begin with. Yet another modern classic to add to the (already) monumental 2012 success list.

10/10 – Goshuggist

“Question: Can you teach an old fetus new tricks?”


If you are reading this, chances are you have heard a Dying Fetus record or seven, and know what to expect. On DF albums released since, say 2000 or so, we hear the following things: low belched and mid-ranged rasped vocals; militant, crunchy riffs; spiraling staircases technical washes; tank-tread double bass rolls; gurgling bass guitar accents; dynamic song structures; wicked, memorable leads; and absolutely depraved slams. Sound familiar?

It should, because these things makes every Dying Fetus album SO. DAMN. GOOD. Intellectual and intricate, yet crushingly heavy and memorable, these top of the pack tech-metallers continually put together these elements into anthems of brutality that impressive on every single record. Unlike many metal bands that soften their sound and fall into mediocrity, the ole ‘Fetus continues to improve and progress, while staying loyal to the rule of crushingly heavy and politically pissed brutal technical death metal. These guy are at the top of their game… no, scratch that, at the top of the genre.

Better answer: If it ain’t broken.. LET DYING FETUS CRUSH IT!

10/10 – Witness to the Void

“It’s not my fault I’m pregnant and I love drugs”

From rather raw power to one of the uttermost balanced and promising technical death metal bands. This is a story about new Dying Fetus release. I can’t imagine better played death metal with such obvious technicality in it. Dying Fetus always was a more than solid death metal horde but they’re crossed all the boundaries and started to reinvent their own style. They mixed blasting stylization with intense and “straight-in-the-head” complexity to create technical dying metal. Can’t say they’re original in all ways but hey – fuck off and smell coffee flavored coffee – this is war! War between the raging drums, crisp guitars and down-stamping bass. All of this fueled by brutal vocals of John Gallagher which in fact – reminded me Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under.

“Reign Supreme” is something different by this band and I adore it as I love “Descend Into Depravity” which was the fundamental, death metal example for me. Amazing connection of brutality, passion and higher form of technical death is what You should find here. Lot’s of stop&go and a little of straight forward death. All this in the manner of extreme art in which Dying Fetus feel like a fish in the water and should be respected by everyone. Ever-blasting, ever-crushing, dominating and relentless force. Shit! I love Dying Fetus!

10/10 – Rimmon

“The opposite of Juicy Fruit?”

Dying Fetus. The 2 words alone are known to almost every death metal fan. Intrinsic to the development of modern tech-death, their 7th album is yet another step forward. Essentially the opposite of Juicy Fruit gum; this band has been pushed and chewed around the metaphorical mouth of the tech-death scene and still retained its flavour, *cough* Nile *cough*.

Huh? Anyway, Dying Fetus had a very high standard to reach with “Reign Supreme”, and in my opinion, they achieved that with the greatest of ease. The sound was rather reminiscent of their older material, albeit with cleaner production, and a very crushing sound, for example the main riff of “Subject to a Beating”. My favourite part of the album is the vocals. John Gallagher’s low burps are still impressive, and Sean Beazley’s snarls are, at times, somewhat akin to Lord Worm’s vocals circa 1996, the way some screams sound like whistling wind. Listen to “Invert the Idols”, you’ll see what I mean. Overall, I’m very impressed with this album, especially the songwriting ability, which is no less than the usual brilliance that Dying Fetus manages to display with such ease.

10/10 – InexorableRotting


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