Lost Soul - Immerse in Infinity

Immersed in Monstrous Riffs!

Sometimes, when a person listens to metal, they like to hear lots of progressive melodies.

And sometimes, its time for RIFFS. Those HUGE, GIGANTIC, MONUMENTAL riffs of DESTRUCTION. You know exactly what I mean. Those riffs that result in neck injuries from headbanging. Hence, Immerse in Infinity by Lost Soul. This is some colossus-sized technical death metal for people who want to cause  self-inflicted bodily harm.

Here are some words to describe the onslaught that is “…if the Dead Can Speak?” : gargantuan; mountainous; titanic; mammoth; vast; hefty; strapping; super-colossal; capacious; commodious; etc. You get the point.

Lost Soul is a juggernaut made of stainless steel, rolling over buildings with tank treads. However, 2009’s Immerse in Infinity contains more than just skull-splitting riffs, rib-crunching bass smacks, monstrous vocals, and tree-snapping drums. The band’s fourth full-length has pace changes a plenty, spacey interludes, over-the-top solos, and only one song under six minutes.

These Polish technical death metallers may not be reinventing the wheel… but they are turning it into a precisely-engineered MACHINE OF DESTRUCTION capable of chewing through large planets in 55 minutes and 11 seconds.

The aforementioned “…if the Dead Can Speak?” is not to be missed. Check it out:

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