Sleep Terror - Probing Tranquility (2006) USA

Review: Sleep Terror – Probing Tranquility

Probing Tranquility (2006) USA
technical death metal w/jazz influences

The band’s name is some misunderstanding or maybe some word play which I don’t understand. Anyway. The music here is like “holy shit, what the hell is going on!”. My first impression was: Ron Jarzombek hell yeah! If You know this guy then everything is clear. More! If You like this guy – You must get “Probing Tranquility” as soon as possible and start to make wild dances around Your hi-fi. The funniest thing is that behind the Sleep Terror stands only one person of Luke Jaeger whose is ‘tamdaradam’ ex-member of USA, great-fuckin’ death metal band VILE! Sleep Terror is simply a masterpiece! One of the most challenging and technical music ever created. Many of stopping powered-riffs and many implosions awaits You ahead of this cd. Beware! “Probing…” is very specialized, metal music. Here You will find many jazz-driven (and not only jazzy), improvisiations. They suits here very well. Those are outstanding moments of the breakin’ through metalization. This is one hell of an adventure through foreign sound of metal music. Most technical and avantgarde sounds disciplined by heavy and strict riffing. Soloing outstands death metal music even further down, to hell and back. Great album, greatly recommended!

Rate: 10/10!
Author: Rimmön

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