Avoidant - Morphology EP (2012)

EP’s Mayhem: Avoidant – Morphology

Morphology (2012)

Peru, Unsigned, Technical Death Metal

This is one of my better finds, an almost completely unknown Peruvian tech-death band called Avoidant. Now, these guys don’t fuck around, and I can’t stress that enough with music like this. They don’t have time for twiddly, cute little intros, the start of the song is just like the end. Total chaos.

The recording quality is unfathomable for a band that only gets a few hundred views on YouTube. Given, this is actually their second EP and not a debut, but each track has the feel and perfection of a track by a seasoned death metal band.

The riffing – while slightly generic for death metal of this style – is also at the same time beautifully unique. There are often points where the song will decend into a slower section, often with a different influence; jazz influence seems certainly prominent at these points.

Definately one of the greater unknown tech-death bands.

Rating: 10/10

Author: InexorableRotting

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