Coldworker - The Doomsayer's Call

Review: Coldworker – The Doomsayer’s Call

The Doomsayer’s Call (2012)

Sweden, Listenable Records, Technical Deathgrind

The Doomsayer’s Call, the third-length from deathgrind supergroup Coldworker (most notably featuring drummer Anders Jakobson from grind superstars Nasum), is a solid offering of thick and chunky distopian metal. Its a good album that will get your head banging, your fist pumping, and maybe a call for some revolution ringing.

Coldworker plays American death metal by-way-of Swedish grindcore, of the grade-A variety. The Doomsayer’s Call lurches through slower passages, bulldozes through mid-speeds, and sprints through the faster moments. These occur through pace-changes aplenty, to keep the songs from ever getting boring. Furthermore, Coldworker has just enough technical licks and chops to catch the attention of technical grinders who enjoy bands like Gridlink. At the same time, the more death moments will please fans of later day American death metal, especially of the militant kind (my first thought was the most recent Jungle Rot album, Kill on Command). Meanwhile, the grindier parts will appeal to Nasum fans, and the hooks may catch the attention of  groove metallers who swing with Lamb of God.

However, variety isn’t exactly the objective of Coldworker (it seems they move focus on punishing and relentless). This is the one downfall of the album – the songs are dynamic, and Coldworker play them with a cold and calculated technical excellence, but the 45 minutes tear through with a whirlwind of destruction that results in little memorability. Albeit not life changing, Coldworker’s deathgrind is continually top notch and intelligent. Maybe it won’t make it to your top ten list for the year, but it will definitely see regular rotation in your CD collection. Recommended!

Rating: 7/10 (And what is going on with that album cover?)

Author: Witness to the Void

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