Saprophagous Are Here To Twist Your Fucking Head Clean Off.

Saprophagous Are Here To Twist Your Fucking Head Clean Off

Combing groove and technicality is a tricky proposition for a lot of bands, which is why more often than not most Death Metal outfits stick to one or the other. Finding a masterful combination of the two is always the highlight of any band search I conduct and for the past week or so since discovering them, Saprophagous have been doing their very best to twist my head clean from my neck. Imagine the crushingly catchy brutality of Putrid Pile colliding with the violent, no nonsense technicality of more traditional deathgrind acts like Circle Of Dead Children. Then imagine that this wondrous cacophony is largely the work of two people with additional support from a session bassist. If you aren’t at the very least intrigued by this point try this on for size; drummer Robert Diaz is also the primary vocalist of the band. On top of gravity blasts, fills and blast beats that rarely relent, Diaz gives an enviably brutal vocal performance to compound the pulse pounding guitar riffs and excellent song progression. What more could you ask for?

Really, my biggest complaint is simply how short Saprophagous’ most prominent release ‘Dimensions Of Diverse Brutality’ is. Quality over quantity is indeed a lesson a lot of bands could stand to learn but with material this engaging, I can’t help but crave more. Brutal music is capable of being so much and so little at the same time. For every Disgorge, Soils Of Fate or Sintury there are just at least five bands like Acranius, Torsofuck or Begging For Incest (…SERIOUSLY?!) who are content with disregarding everything that makes brutality work in the first place, like coherent grooves, (real) death growls and a crushing atmosphere that comes from actual SONGWRITING, not just breeing into a shitty pitch shifting microphone and writing some one note chugs/programming Fruity Loops to go along with it.

Saprophagous struck me for being exactly the kind of genuinely brutal band that keeps the imitators in their place. No craptastic ‘brOOtal’ guitar tuning, no drum machine, no embarrassing inhaled pseudo growls. Just sheer carnage from actual musicians. I hope a new release is in the works.

For now though, check out the ‘Convexity Of Illusion’ music video as well as ‘Sutured Orifice’ and get to giving yourself whiplash!

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