Review: Animals Killing People - Kentucky Fried Killing

Review: Animals Killing People – Kentucky Fried Killing

Kentucky Fried Killing (2008)

U.S.A., Sevared Records, Brutal Death Metal/Grind

Well, this album came right the hell out of nowhere. I’ve certainly heard of Animals Killing People before but I never bothered to check them out since every description of their sound I’ve found is something along the lines of ‘vegan brutality’. As much as some people might like to disagree, veganism isn’t brutal. At all. Cattle Decapitation and Slaughterbox are brutal but that’s because they write blisteringly technical, ridiculously guttural and all around ass kicking tunes, not because they deprive themselves of meat.  I made the mistake of writing off Animals Killing People as being defined by their veganism, which as a rabid meat eater and chronic smart-ass is not hard to do.

I was wrong. Not that I realized it at first of course; the initial shock of listening to ‘Humans Disgusting Species’ was so monumental that I need at least two days of nonstop replays to absorb the full breadth and width of my wrongheadedness. I’m glad that I have however because this band is impressive; gutturals that border on goregrind, superbly written/furious guitar riffs and a visceral drum performance Chad Walls of Brodequin and Juan Carlos Artehaga of Mindly Rotten would be proud of. In fact, Wilson Rairan’s drumming is easily the highlight of both this album and the band itself. Sure, Manuel Quique wrote some spectacular, compulsively headbangable riffs (the back bone of any successful brutal endeavor) but Wilson brings the band to levels it would have never otherwise reached with say a drum machine or an inferior musician on the kit. His blasts are like a sledgehammer to the face, made even more gloriously violent by a raw, cracking snare sound that takes good Death Metal and makes it even better.

The songs on this album strike a perfect balance between no nonsense, grind-your-fuckin’-face-off speed and infectious whiplash groove. It’s hard to think of a better vegan Brutal Death Metal band right off the top of my head given that the vast majority of vegans metalheads play deathgrind. Of course, this album and the band itself are not without their issues, however minor they may be. Chief among those quibbles is the vocalist never taking a break. Sure, I really dig the almost Last Days Of Humanity style gutturals featured on ‘Kentucky Fried Killing’ but it almost never ends. Part of being a good Brutal Death Metal vocalist is knowing when to either shut up or enjoy the background of a song for a bit. Your guitarist, drummer and bassist will really appreciate having those moments to shine and more importantly the audience won’t feel overloaded. Not that I was at any point in this album but I’m addicted to brutality. Other more discerning and critical fans of the style would hear one song from this album and want to punch their speakers into submission.

On top of that, the songs on this album are almost always pretty short (with the exception of sometimes minute long samples) barely giving enough time to really appreciate the really well constructed riffs or kick-ass drumming. Still, Animals Killing People deserve credit for one very important factor that separates them from a lot of other vegan/vegetarian bands; carnivores like myself can fully appreciate their work without feeling as if were being lectured. Even the samples the band picked are appropriately gruesome without crossing too far over into ‘you’re human and therefore you should die’. That’s a huge plus and as petty or ridiculous as it may seem is usually my make or break factor for vegan bands outside of their music.

Is ‘Kentucky Fried Killing’ a masterpiece? No…but it’s certainly an album I highly recommend, if only for the kind of quality audio beatdown only Brutal Death Metal can deliver. Between the amazing drumming, neck destroying guitar riffs and ultra guttural vocals, if you’re at all into this kind of music and need a new band to dive into, these guys are worth the attention. Well done gents…still can’t stomach the fact that the ideology you subscribe to is responsible for ‘tofurky’ though.

Rating: 8.5/10

Author: Goshuggist

^ …and because I’m such a swell guy, here’s the music video for ‘Humans Disgusting Species’.

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One thought on “Review: Animals Killing People – Kentucky Fried Killing”

  1. As a vegetarian, I have to wholeheartedly that vegetarianism is totally not brutal. At all. Not even a little bit. In fact, it is decided unbrutal.

    However, that apparently doesn’t stop Animals Killing People from making some disgustingly brutal music in “Humans Disgusting Species.” I am going to have to listen to more of these guys (especially with that 90s metal trippy video).

    Also, I would like to compliment Animals Killing People for making this video actually look cool – I can imagine that some dude windmilling next to a bunch of pigs with an electric guitar that isn’t plugged into anything could be hard to work with.

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