Welding Torture's Here To Get Medieval On Your Ass

Welding Torture’s Gonna Get Medieval On Your Ass.

In my estimation, one of the greatest things a modern brutal or technical death metal outfit can do to make a phenomenal first impression is to write compulsively listenable music. It sounds like a no brainer but a good deal of very talented and very impressive modern bands overlook this simple musical quality. Although Welding Torture doesn’t specialize in a very original brutal/technical melange, I haven’t been able to stop listening to their music since I discovered them. If you want to get down to the brass tacks of their sound, it’s Gorgasm/Viral Load worship from overseas. That’s no reason to dismiss this band though. Their music is chock full of chunky grooves, rich/thick bass lines and all the guttural vocals you could ever want from a modern Death Metal band. What Welding Torture lack in more formal originality, they more than make up for in compositional prowess, clear musical direction and an enviable sense of song/EP flow.

‘Three Victims For The Price Of One’ is my personal highlight of Welding Torture’s debut EP. Once the song reaches 1:06, I challenge any prospective listener to not get entirely swept up in it. These Ukrainian gents completely understand that wearing their musical influences on their sleeves (literally) is still no excuse for giving brutality junkies derivative crap. If anything, Welding Torture is a shining example of Brutal/Technical Death Metal’s ultimate advantage over other metal genres and indeed completely separate genres of music; even if a band starts playing brutal music to pay homage to their favorite musicians, they can still kick the shit out of you just as much or even a little more than their predecessors by virtue of simply being talented musicians.

Really, the only quibble I could have with this band (if I were a dick) is some merch choices (Waking The Cadaver sweat pants and a Faceless shirt) but that really has fuck all to do with the music itself, which admittedly is a good sign. When the harshest critique of a band I’m profiling or reviewing is I dislike a few pieces of their music video outfits, the music  itself must be badass, which ‘Three Victims For The Price Of One’ certainly is…and hey, if Mitch from Napalm Death owns a Waking The Cadaver shirt, Roman can enjoy a pair of their sweatpants. At least no one’s promoting Artery Eruption, Torsofuck or Cemetery Rapist on my watch.


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