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Resurrection of the almighty Cryptopsy? Really?

I was such pissed off when I heard “The Unspoken King” that words can’t describe it. Cryptopsy was my all time favourite and masters beyond all… “The Unspoken King” was like a spit in my face and i turn my ass to them. Now, as the new album premiere approaches… the SELF TITLED album I must mention… I had bad feeling about this. It seemed to be like final nail to their coffin but…

I wen’t to their bandcamp profile to crush my adorable & cute computer to pieces and found 2 new songs… very interesting! Whoa, I was shocked because Matt McGachy stopped sounding like total piece of crap and sounds only like mediocre death metal vocalist. It’s a breakthrough! More of this… they have jazz improvisation in there, woohoo! There is some technique involved and MUCH less deathcore feeling… hope it turns to be (slow) return to their roots.

PS. Sorry for being so personal but this THE one band for me that I loved and all and suddenly they fucked up… ehh

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