Phobiatic - Act Of Atrocity

New blood on the go. Phobiatic

A new blood from Germany rises and spills blood! The name is Phobiatic and be ready for more-than-solid-rock decapitation. They represent dynamic and intense technical death metal in vein of Gory Blister, Gorod etc. Not too original but amazingly well done. Songwriting is strict and ravishing. They like rhythm and arpeggio playing as well. This band is more than “well prepared” for going to death metal war but lacks a single drop of originality. They move freely through all the scales You want and don’t take hostages. Like hounds on the loose, they try to combine brutality and higher technique. For sure they love Suffocation as I hear a lot influences here so You already know for whom this bell tolls, don’t You? Crushing and amusing so You should check them.

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