New Cryptopsy – but is it OLD enough?

I can’t think of a single metal album as universally trashed, bashed, and ridiculed as The Unspoken King by Cryptopsy. People absolutely loathe it. And seeing this, the band promised a return to form in the next album.

So, four years later we have Cryptopsy. The self-titled album, when it isn’t the first full length, is always risky in my book. I am sure that Cryptopsy is well aware that their fans didn’t want to hear another deathcore album, and wanted the old stuff. The None So Vile stuff.

None So Vile it is not. However, its definitely a step in the right direction. But is it enough of a step? For many, it would require a pretty big leap. In fact, I think for many it would require a time machine back to 1996.

I am enjoying Cryptopsy. However, I can’t help but think of Desecravity’s Implicit Obedience, which was a whole lotta VILE, and a whole lotta savagery and AWESOME. Did the Japanese Cryptopsy out-Cryptopsy the real Cryptopsy on Cryptopsy?!

Or, should I just forget the whole thing, and enjoy Cryptopsy and not think about what Cryptopsy was 16 years ago? Bands change, members change, styles change, the world changes… Hey, I like change! But, in this case, change is back to how things were, and I like the way things were, so this is change to before change, so is it still change? Wait, now this is getting confusing…

Anyway, its a step in the right direction, I know that for sure. And I like that. And Cryptopsy sounds good.

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2 thoughts on “New Cryptopsy – but is it OLD enough?”

  1. I must admit I like this album alot. By the way, I see some connections with early years and “None So Vile” itself. I even gave this one 10/10 on because it’s brutal, technical and with help of Jon Levasseur I saw it could be THIS Cryptopsy again. Maybe more modern but still in vein of good old days. Say what You want – I just love this album :)

    1. I also see some connections to the early years, even from before “None So Vile.” I thought Jon Levasseur had some great moments on it, and you can definitely hear his influence. I think Levasseur sounds a bit different without Eric Langlois on bass though – but that is ok, it is something fresh and new. I think it sounds old, but also modern.

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