Beneath The Massacre - Incongruous

Review: Beneath the Massacre – Incongruous

Incongruous (2012)

Canada, Prosthetic Records, Technical Deathcore

Beneath the Massacre albums remind me of being trapped under an industrial machine of some type. Something really, really, big, used to build tanks or something. Oh, and its extremely modern, with all kinds of touchscreen displays and complicated sensors. I mean this in the good way, as in bluntly heavy, yet still filled with intricate surprises.

I imagine Beneath the Massacre are staunch advocates of the “more is more” philosophy. Incongruous is filled with more weedly-deedly guitar doodlies and light-speed drum fills than you can shake a stick at. And they are damn fine weedly-deedlies and drum ratta-tat-tat-tats.

However, that isn’t to say that Incongruous blurs by in a technical whirlwind. Tracks like “Hopes” have memorable mid-paced hooks, while others pair the guitar fireworks with slow, stomping elephant riffs. Thankfully, Incongruous is devoid of any overly simplified breakdowns.

One thing I have always enjoyed about Beneath the Massacre is the drums. Six-armed batterer Justin Rouselle supplies Incongruous with full-speed drum-fills aplenty, but also knows when to slow things to a free-standing double bass roll. Some of the very memorable moments are when he backs off the 256th notes and lays down a nice plodding kick.

The bass keeps up, but doesn’t step to the forefront in the rubbery manner of technicians like Obscura. Similarly, the barked, hoarse vocals of Elliot Desasgnés get the task done, but the guitars are more of the attention grabber.

Beneath the Massacre includes some poignant samples and studio additions (such as the electronic voice distortion to close “Left Hand,”) for some variety. It works well, and serves to break up the 31 minutes of mile-a-minute playing. Put this all together, and Incongruous is a fine example of technical deathcore done right.

8/10 – Witness to the Void

I think its interesting to see differing view points on any album, and not all the technicians at TDM labs have the same opinion about Incongruous. Check out staff writer Goshuggist’s opinion of Incongruous in his “Top Five Disappointments and Abject Failures of 2012 (Thus Far)” post here:

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