Technical Tuesday

Technical Tuesday – In Support of the New Pig Destroyer Album, Here Is TECH GRIND

Although Pig Destroyer doesn’t really fit into the typical subject material analyzed by the scientists at TDM labs, I wanted to have a post at least acknowledging the release of Book Burner (October 23). Hence, I looked deep into the recesses of the technical metal world through the multi-volume HISTORY OF TECHNICALITY (I wish that was real), to bring you a few of my favorites.

I thought a fun twist to this would be that I can only describe each band for as much time as it took me to listen to the individual band’s shortest song. And, after, I removed any song over 1 minute in length. So, here is a sprint medley of whirling grind mathematics.

GRIDLINK – crazy banshee shriek wild tech grind destruction! (7 seconds)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE – brutally slowly, wildly fast, jarringly sharp! (6 seconds)

THE RED CHORD – Soaked in deathcore/metalcore, The Red Chord brings a weird hybrid of razor bladed tornado fury that is disorienting and extremely violent. Don’t let their heavily dropped name deter you from listening to this band, they bring the grind. (1 minute)

ANTIGAMA – These grinders bring total whirling chaos, with microchips spinning around. Something reminds me of Nasum, but that may be because I was listening to Nasum earlier. Some nice chunky riffs too! (53 seconds)

KILL THE CLIENT – I often confuse this band with The Red Chord, but they are a bit more grindy, ala the thrashgrind divebombing of Pig Destroyer,a s well as some barked vocals that remind me of later Napalm Death. (36 seconds)

MARUTA – Sick, spastic grind with some tech licks. This may be more in the grindcore category, and I am stretching just because I like them. I also like when they slow things down with a thick, chunky, plodding, Mortician riff. (53 seconds)

NAPALM DEATH – Later Napalm Death techs out with the best of tech grinders, and also unleashes the hardcore-punk-fueled political angst. I never get sick of these guys, and they are one of the few bands that get better with age. Right to the throat, no nonsense! (53 seconds)

In retrospect, I would like to take a moment to recognize how fantastic Gridlink and Cephalic Carnage. Because they play some of the tech grind I know. Also, no pictures, too much time.

…. how did this post make it to over 350 words?!


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3 thoughts on “Technical Tuesday – In Support of the New Pig Destroyer Album, Here Is TECH GRIND”

  1. Kill The Client is my favorite grindcore band. In my opinion pure grind doesn’t get much more vicious.

    Also, bit of an aside but which song are you counting as Napalm Death’s shortest? I don’t remember ‘You Suffer’ being 52 seconds. ;)

    1. Ah, sir, you are correct. I apologize for that, I was only looking at their later albums which I have classified as technical grindcore (“Smear Campaign” on). You are of course correct in saying that “You Suffer” is most definitely NOT above 50 seconds. The song I was looking at for this post was “Right You Are” from “The Code is Red – Long Live the Code.”

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