Xenocide released new single – Xenomorph


Recorded in January 2012 at Rain City Recorders and produced by Curtis Buckoll, the song “XENOMORPH” is meant to be the follow up to Xenocide’s highly successful premier EP “Galactic Oppression”.  XENOMORPH has sat in limbo due to line up changes until now.

XENOMORPH deals with a protagonist who is a test subject for military intelligence following first contact with an alien race.  The human elite and ruling powers keep this information from the general public and use human test subjects to see how alien technology affects humans, in particular portals or point-to-point jump technologies.

As our protagonist steps through the portal his torturous journey begins. He is gruesomely transformed into a xenomorph as human D.N.A. intermingles with alien D.N.A. to create a random creature.

Clean sweeps, gravity blasts, other-worldly bass and a progressive riff-based song structure delivered in style by the 4-piece Death Metal band Xenocide from Vancouver is a step up from their EP.

Work has already begun on Xenocide’s sophomore album tentatively titled “Echoes from a Distant Star”. Xenocide is expected to enter the studio in the summer of 2013 to begin recording the new album.

It is hinted that the new album will deal with the Holographic Universe theory and will have a character driven story.

XENOMORPH is available free for download starting 19 Oct 2012 at http://xenocidemetal.bandcamp.com along with guitar tablature, artwork and much more.

Alternativately you can listen to it here:



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  1. One thing, among many, that I really like about Xenocide is that they can start songs off with blasting Viraemia-level dynamic technicality, and then move into some thick and chunky grooves. I think “Xenomorph” showcases this, as it explodes with guitar weedlies and rubbery bass, and carries the vibe into some dynamic technical chops, but then settles into some crunch and groove. A great song, and a great sign of (another) excellent album to come!

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