Abnormality - Contaminating The Hive Mind

Gojira goes tech-death? Meet the Abnormality!

Okay I may be exaggerating about Abnormality but they’re sometimes very groovy and melodic in some twisted kind of way which reminded me Gojira.┬áTell me if You hear that too, hehe. They’re brutal, mindfucking and bonecrushing! What’s the coolest thing about this band You may ask? Their frontman is a badass chick – Mallika Sundaramurthy! You may never find this as disadvantage because she is guttural goddess. Her growl is ultra-low and really outstand couple of look-I’m-so-frickin-brutal – guys. Intensity of “Contaminating The Hive Mind” is devastating. The drumming does the all-you-need rhythmic along with crooked guitar patterns. Give them chance to blast You in the space with beat/breakdowns (call it what You like) so massive as mount Rushmore. Now I don’t exaggerate! Die!

Abnormality – Contaminating The Hive Mind (2012)
USA, Sevared Records, Brutal Technical Death Metal

Check their official video to “Monarch Omega”:

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One thought on “Gojira goes tech-death? Meet the Abnormality!”

  1. I can hear the slight resemblance to Gojira – but its definitely more blasting, technical, and brutal. I think vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy does an excellent job, and I like how the band doesn’t use the whole “we-have-a-chick-in-the-band-so-look-at-us” gimmick. I will have to check more material out by Abnormality! The video is wicked, and that beat/breakdown part you mentioned innovative and interesting, in my opinion, as is how the guitar lead comes in.

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