The return of LORD WORM! … but to black metal?

Yes, its true, the vilest of the vile has returned to the metal scene once again. After leaving us in years past (for a career in a brewery, who can really blame him?), Lord Worm has returned to cause bleeding from the ears (in the good way) with his new project Rage Nucléaire. Unlike what the hungry old school death metal fan may be hoping for, Unrelenting Fucking Hatred is not a death metal rehash, but a foray into the realm of black metal. I myself am a fan of black metal, especially with the onset of winter approaching, but I will leave the reviewing for another, more grim-leaning site (as I am distinctly not trve or kvlt).

I will not mention Cryptopsy, as I have already posted about that album several times.

However, comments are welcome. What are your thoughts on the change? Canada and accent marks aside, Unrelenting Fucking Hatred (out now on Season of Mist) reminds me of Nefastüs Diès, due the keyboards – but more hateful and with the animal growls of Lord Worm. I mean this as a series of compliments, as Urban Cancer (2008) is one of the most underrated of all modern black metal albums, in my opinion. And None So Vile is simply one of the best death metal albums of all time, without question.





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2 thoughts on “The return of LORD WORM! … but to black metal?”

  1. Typically when I want to listen to Black Metal, I can’t stand stuff like this. As blasphemous as it may sound, Black Metal from or inspired by Norway/Norwegian bands tends to get on my last nerve, primarily because of the absolutely *shit* production most of the ‘classics’ have. On the other hand, bands like Sarcófago, Pseudogod, Archgoat, Teitanblood and Goatpenis are AMAZING. That’s the kind of Black Metal I can never get enough of…

    Lord Worm rules though, therefore this band/album rule. Nice find. \m/

    1. Thanks man, I was REALLY excited to discover this, and perhaps even more excited to share it on the TDM site. Like you said, although black metal isn’t my favorite subgenre, anything with Lord Worm is worth the time and money.

      The terrible production of some black metal used to really get on my nerves, and prevent me from enjoying the music at all. But I eventually got used to it, and in time came to enjoy it. I like to think of it as a reflection of the bleakness of the music, especially in an inhuman/primeval/misanthropic sense, embodied by untouched snow across a barren vastland. Dunno if that could help or not.

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